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Class will be back in session as we move along on the show today now. Normally class sucks normally. You have to pay to attend class. This class pays to attends professor lockers and dropping college football knowledge on your heads here. Ap top twenty. Five poll is out will discuss that. Win totals and a potential team. That could come out of nowhere to finish in the top ten. We're gonna start our team by team previews in the national football league in the afc east with the buffalo bills in the new york. Jets segment that. You like earth's mitchell's coins two days. I would make fun of it. But i actually. I actually think it's pretty decent power our final hour of the show all our vets for tonight major league. Baseball and tyler morales joins with a summer league. Play after the heartbreaking loss last night with the detroit pistons mind is one and a half. I'm sure we will get to that. Ken barkley over the course of the opening segment here where we are locked and loaded on this terrific tuesday. How you doing doing great great to have you back on. The show obviously weren't on the show yesterday so you didn't. You didn't have the first crack. I feel like at the unpacking of the nfl. Preseason from the weekend. I know you watched a lot of games. You're your texts this morning fast and furious in terms of the things that you wanted to talk about and i know i was thinking about it yesterday. I was like. I feel like nick would be like just chop into to hop on a microphone and talk about all this all the nfl. Preseason i once. We actually got into an argument with my girlfriend. Because i was like. I'm actually annoyed that i have to take off on monday. I'd rather friday. I wanna come on and talk about all this stuff. We're still going to do it today. Right and good and the good news is like plenty plenty more mondays down the road to come on come on and talk about football only only like twenty five of them as we go through the the rest of the regular season and the playoffs so it was thinking about you obviously welcome back. Welcome back to the show so as a result of not being on yesterday and not just unpacking to preseason like how. How did the weekend of betting go. I know we have some time slot to talk about something. You alluded to already the pistons game some other stuff that happened over the weekend overall though like totality golf whatever baseball you ended up getting the nfl. Preseason best which you and i gave out on the show which ended up doing pretty well like how the aggregate. How was the weekend in general for you overall. The weekend thought was really good now. There were a couple tough luck. Losers marseille was a really rough one. I had marseille illegal and to take down bordeaux. I didn't even this. That's one of those where you check on monday morning. And i'm like my accounts. Not up as much as i would like it to be what happened here. I see. i checked at half time. They were up to nell was like i won this that all good. And then i see the bordeaux came back and scored to marseille. Had a guy sent off absolutely ridiculous so that did not go my way. I know that we could have had a great week. And we'll see. We'll come in the playoffs but i did see. We'll give a matchup russell henley thirty third or better. That came through. I tell all of tyler summer league vets. Those were all wins. I thought the preseason for the most part went really well..

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