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The private lamps at a number of tests and fall River. We're positive when they were not. They were negative enough were wrong that the color coding for rates of affection assigned by the state would have changed Fall River would have moved up from red to yellow and taunting from yellow to green. Tests were done over a three day period at the end of July. They're being redone now in the lab in question isn't doing any more testing for the time being. Karen Regal W busy Boston's NewsRadio latest statistics from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Very good for the Bay State. Less than 1% of the 21,552 residents who were tested for the covert 19 virus in the last 24 hour reporting period came back positive. Second straight day that the numbers have shown less than a 1% positivity rate. Martha's Vineyard restaurant owner, giving his own personal cell phone number out Because of customers giving his staff ah, hard time over covert rules like wearing a mask when walking around or waiting to be seated. W. B C's Madison, Rodgers explains, shape people our own seven restaurants on the vineyard and says rising temperatures growing crowds. An uncertain futures have everyone on edge. Every restaurant for I talked to the one that starts and ends every conversation. I cannot wait for summer to be over because of a growing number of customers treating staff poorly over covert precautions. He put A message at the bottom of the menu. The governor made these rules, not my staff. If you have a problem instead of being rude to them, Call me. I'm not next to them running food in a 97 Liberty dining room or 170 kitchen, so it's my way of being with them to support them and say, if you have a problem call me and you know what? They never called me that the only people that call you are the one that loved the message and loved the service, Jaye P. Says, thes days going out of your way to be nice to servers like tipping a little extra telling them if there's Service is good can make a world of difference. Madison Rogers W. B. C. Boston's News radio two bodies recovered yesterday afternoon in Boston's Seaport district. An SUV submerged in about 40 feet of water with the young man and woman inside the bodies recovered by state police divers and a diver from the Boston Fire Department. Investigators have not released the names of the victims. Unidentified flying objects. We know them is UFO's. Are they really or are they imagined? The government is now taking a closer look, tell you why. Coming up 63. Let's go check the roads, Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three rum and good morning to you, Charley and take a look here early. We had some work crews show wrapping up on the pike eastbound earlier near Route nine in framing him. Looks like it's moving better through that stretch. Now, though, on the Pike East so they may have picked up to 90 still a bit slow by the work shown by Main Street in Shrewsbury. No reports of any delays and for 95 North of town 3 93 and 95. Look good heading up to New Hampshire. One is OK. Now down through Saugus. No complaints coming in up to the Tobin Bridge downtown. The lower decks, a comm lever connector, Tillman and airport tunnels are all OK now. South of town. The expressway find 10 minutes. Brain free to Boston. Route three is okay along the south shore down to their sag more 25 east is okay. Heading to the born Rob Jacqueline is traffic on the three. Let's check the four day devil ZBZ accurate The forecast, Carl, But Minsky tells us today there is a high surf advisory. From 8 a.m. Until P. M..

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