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Next five days are you in Jessica I'm Ann Jessica get me your leave your. Instagram with Hillary and ruled little DM and make sure we're really before we go to bed. Every night we should. Talk about. It and, we could send each other encouraging messages Okay Jessica you're now part of the. Crew. Okay. Okay I'm. Ed I'm. Here we'll talk to you. Tomorrow Doing that you're gonna. Be so rested in. A. Week, you gonna say man what changed. My? Life. We're ready. To go. Okay to you tomorrow okay Yes all right. Bye-bye By buddy. Well, by the. Way oh biggish Mamie, south fostered a dog huge. Drama with his dog? Totally. An Amy. Thing Huge drama, with this dog that comes up in about fifteen minutes Jason, aldean with Miranda. Drowns, the whiskey. On the show right, now we appreciate you waking. Up with us here Do Even in, shoes Zoo Zoom Against. Me This is a whiskey Maybe Stool Maybe Chiefs mix Given the chance Whiskies Whiskey The supposed Many Against, me You may Whiskey I see Oh Part of. This So I'll give you. The merge item you told me what through the artist as So it's sure that says I believe in the power of, positive drinking now if, you go to a concert and there's a whole merge table this, person's, shirt says I believe in the power. Of positive drinking instead of thinking thinking yeah Chris, johnson A coffee Cup, that says all name, the babies I'll.

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