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The faa now says the twinengine cessna three ten that crashed on the 405 way in costa mesa right in front of john wayne airport around nine thirty this morning had just taken off from the airport when the pilot declared an emergency and then crashed while trying to return to john wayne airport here's audio of the distress call which came only eleven seconds after takeoff we got a very good corporate recruiter senator i have a career the rudder record you could one though the married couple on board the sixty two year old husband who is piloting was pulled from the wreckage biased fifty five year old wife after the crash they were taken to the hospital with major injuries john wayne airport is open to arriving and departing flights in the fa press conference now scheduled for about one o'clock this afternoon it was originally scheduled to start right about now someone closer president trump tells k abc's mcintyre in the morning his tweets are a mixed blessing newt gingrich says president trump is a master when it comes to communicating to the country and he's moving is agenda forward most of the time that fact is if you look around eighty senator time what he's doing very productive and very effective that marginal by were ten percent on does a great deal of the good he's doing so i'm hoping he will learn that some people wish the president would stop tweeting including his wife but the former speaker says that's not going to happen donald trump listeners to lotta lots of people with belgian obey anyone he is truly is own personal told him directly no ten percent less trump would be 100 percent more effective emily and tweeting kabc news and there are fewer bathrooms available to the homeless on skid row in la than syrian refugees living in united nations refugee camps the report titled no place to go shows many of the toilet facilities open during the day on skid road don't work or have no toilet paper soap feminine hygiene products at night there were only eighteen toilets open for some eighteen hundred people living on the streets far less than the minimum standard set by the un for syrian refugees in its camps of sixty four l e city council may current price represents one of the districts with the.

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