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Make it easier than ever before for anybody to go cast a ballot with his signature Republican, Abbott has made Senate Bill one the newest state law in Texas. Jim really in ABC News Dallas, the self confessed mastermind behind the 9 11 terror attacks, appearing in a military court today in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, also known as KSM, and four other detainees had a pretrial hearing. ABC Shannon Crawford has taken so long really underscores what critics say is a fatal flaw of this military war court system. They say that the defendants here don't have access to due process. They don't have access to a speedy trial. You're listening to ABC News now your political insights from ABC News Later today, President Biden will tour flood damaged areas in New Jersey and New York City over the weekend. He approved federal disaster aid for those counties hit hard by the remnants of Hurricane Ida, a State Department official tells ABC News at four U. S. Citizens were evacuated across one of Afghanistan's land borders officials saying they left without Taliban interference. Attorney General Merrick Garland says his department is researching how it can challenge the Texas abortion law that says State citizens can sue people who help women get an abortion if the fetus has passed six weeks. The Justice Department also saying they will prosecute any violence against clinics for people seeking reproductive health services. Robert E. Lee commanded the Civil War Confederate Army is 21 FT. Tall Richmond, Virginia statute became a symbol of the slavery he fought to preserve Virginia will remove it Wednesday and place it in a state warehouse. Andy Field, ABC News.

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