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About him. He was a piece of cake. No he wasn't but he was very very particular and he was just as interesting. It's each one of the characters that he's ever portrayed. Yeah we we've heard people say that that one of the quirks of his personality. You'll know where i'm going with. This gilbert has come up then that you want to finish my thought. Because i know you're thinking this. Yeah that if he wasn't doing a character he didn't exist. Well an actor can get to that point. I think and perhaps that was. Who was the person who didn't existed. Talita character because he was right on with every single notion of of what he was doing. You know he's very particular. Very particular. Temperamental peter sellars would watch himself after he did a scene and talk about it in third person really and he'd go. Oh look what that idiot just. He tripped over the couch. And can you believe what he mazing. Yeah he certainly was unique. Did he see you spend. he's out there too. Didn't you see no no this this did you or did you not see your husband. No i i d- i didn't see him didn't you. What hilly's is the idea like that. Sure that now is exactly the sort of thing paul with thinking. Little girl detective employees innocent little children. They get the goods on. I haven't done anything. Not one single pleasant thing unless you want to call it listening to music. Imagine imagine being busted on by a couple little punch like that unto man gets into his head that his wife spending another man's apartment. I mean even in broad daylight wild horses wouldn't interest him the truth. No matter what. I say what i say. He'll put them on sorting construction possible on new year's absolutely stark raving. I don't know how big is he. We will return to gilbert godfrey jr amazing colossal podcast after this. Listen up folks. Who doesn't love the idea of sitting out by a warm fire on a cool fall night. Now as i've said on the show summer is my favorite season. 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