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Put the Wildcats in front if you can make two shots. This is the first free throw now. The first this half. Yes. Derek at the line free throw up. We're tied fifty nine all this one for the league. You said it with about ten years ago. It was coming down the wire, I was thinking it before they ever. It up tonight. Second one for the lead pardon missed it. Rebound Doolittle fifty nine all four forty to go. Buckle up. Police the cross mid court. It back from Doolittle driving past games. All the way to the red way off good and globally at sixty one fifty nine voice quick quick. He's like a bullet. There's gains across the tartar turnaround of the circle. Now, he drives to the basket goes all the way at a shot was blocked by James. And here's collects the again down the floor four zero nine to go sixty one fifty nine Oklahoma tried to duplicate what Callixte he did. But. Had a shop lockout Callixte. He almost dribbled. It off his legs stops angles it to James up three. No, good rebound bought poor law. Got it had his legs cut out from Andrea. And now law gets. I think they called law for. All right. I think it just off law when he does out about it's going to be Oklahoma ball three fifty one to go sixty one fifty nine Oklahoma three fifty one remaining back in a moment listening. Northwestern basketball, presented by wintrust. Remember when a Cup of coffee at home put you back only nickel that was a long time ago. Sure. But at hills brothers coffee, we still believe that a great Cup of coffee shouldn't cost an arm and a leg..

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