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Six hours GMT this is weekend with Rebecca kes- be today. Gun battles in Sri Lanka between government forces and militants in the east of the country. We'll get the latest on the tense situation that and hear from survivors a week on from the attacks. Relive this was the man who's going to kill us. He said he ate when he saw a big crowd. That's the time. He decided this time for me to create maximum damage. Also Franco Aaron Astara in Spain and the rise of an influential far right movements ahead of elections tomorrow. Members in the past the Spanish flag used to be associated with the Franco dictatorship. But now, I think we started to say the fact that our country and all traditions and is become a symbol of union that plus the sports news, and our panel guests Helen scales and John Carlin first the news. Hello. I'm Daniel yet scout with the BBC news, sir. Lanka's security forces say, they fought a gun battle with Islamist militants in the east of the country. The clash took place on Friday night, south of the coastal town of that occur low as troops surrounded a house. They say the militants set off explosives from Colombo, his embarrassed sun editor John boss night. They raided a house in the eastern town of signed the moderate in Bara district where Muslims Levin large numbers. And now the officials are saying that they found the body fifteen people following this gunfight, and they took a group of journalists also to the site, and they think six six of them could be suspected Islamists on the risk could be family. Members of those men were killed during the shootout, however, have to say we have no way of independently confirming the official version of events Salunke has remained on high alert since the suicide. Attacks on Sunday on churches and hotels in Colombo and Batticalo more than two hundred and fifty people were killed Rohan car. The manager of one of the hotels that was targeted told the BBC that staff saw the bomber into the restaurant carrying a rucksack. He made sure you gotta table right in the middle of the restaurant, and he was walking around with this on his back. But we never thought this was the man who's going to kill us. He's sect he aid. He waited for people together to the buffet when he saw a bigger crowd. That's the time. He decided this is a time for me to create maximum damage. The former presidium president Luis Inacio Lula to silver has said that the country is being governed by madman. Speaking from prison in his first interview since he was jailed for corruption last year Lula questioned whether president jab all Sonara would be able to complete his term in office. This to two Cup. We do a case by case criticism of what happened in the twentieth. Eighteen election, let's to general criticism of this country. It can't be that Brazil is governed by this gang of madman. This country doesn't deserve that the former presidium leader again asserted his innocence saying he had a clear conscience. Unlike those who sentenced him, the chief executive of the tesla electric car company, Elon Musk has reached an agreement with the US financial regulator aimed at settling a dispute over financially sensitive comments that he made on social media. Mr. mosque was sued last August when his Twitter messages had the effect of sending the value of tesla shares significantly higher the securities and Exchange Commission ruled that Mr. musk had violated regulations under the new agreement if approved by judge Mr. mosque must avoid any references in his tweets to the company's financial condition or possible mergers and acquisitions while news from the BBC. A US army veteran has appeared in court in California, charged with eight counts of attempted murder. Prosecutors say is I people 's intentionally drove his car at high speed into a group of men women and children in Silicon Valley on Tuesday evening because he believed they were Muslims. Mr. People's lawyer says his client is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after serving in Iraq police in Nigeria say to senior employees of the oil company shell have been kidnapped and their police escorts killed in the delta region. The attack took place on Thursday on a road in rivers state as the oil workers were returning from business trip. Police said the efforts were underway to rescue the victims a survey by a British consumer watchdog has found that some of the most popular fitness trackers are so unreliable that they miscalculate the distance of a marathon by nearly eighteen kilometres tests were carried out by the agency which on eighty five fitness trackers and small. Watches more details from Charlotte Gallagher. Researchers tested the track is using a treadmill to complete the distance of a marathon, forty two kilometers. They found that the least reliable was the Garmin vivo smart four which underestimated the distance by seventeen point three kilometers. Meaning the researcher actually ran almost sixty kilometers. Gorman has said it's because that particular model does not contain GPS of the eight apple models involved in the task the apple watch series. One was the most accurate overestimating the distance by only one percent, Charlotte Gallagher reporting to mystic and international flights with air. India have been affected by computer server problems and official at the airline said a glitch in its checking software, and it was unable to issue boarding passes for several hours on Saturday morning at one point all slights grounded leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at several airports around the world. BBC news. It's six oh six GMT.

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