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We learned a lot in this first year. And we're taking all of those learnings to kind of relaunch with an event that we're gonna kick off online at the end of july so please do stay tuned for that again as we would call on to say share it around. You know yell it out. Scream it out show support. Show some love even show up and we'll make sure that we send you that info as well. Let me just say this on here on on on the podcast life. Everybody can hear that you have a friend With the coolest show for sure and also with the hip hop caucus you know Folks now i was mentored by dr dorothy irene hike and when she mental winning things that she told me which is very different was that we have to have our own institutions and our own mechanisms. And i didn't quite understand way back then and to your point earlier about caucus protected us. It allowed us to understand hip hop. So there's a lot of to connecticut's grow and grow and i think now about caucuses now grown but it it. It grew Because the goal was to do justice to support all these things and especially things like the young black climate leaders program so definitely counter. Sin as a friend. I want closer this. I wanna make sure this jagged opportunity is anything you wanna. I missed you. You want to add. On and sake. I always want to give you the space to to say that. If there's a way to a website you wanna give out or anything like that. 'cause say it now Perennial any last words. Al website movement strategy senator dot org annual able to find a climbing innovations work. They're young black. Climate leaders work there also on the social atmosphere center on facebook And we are actually just a because we are fiscally sponsored project now of unlimited strategy center were growing. So we're in a moment where we are doing. Our own identity rebrand so soon succumb when the name they were playing with a at people's climate innovation center and so that'll that'll hopefully soon at its own website and its own rebrand That is leading this this program as well as many others. Amazing dont'a any any words in the spit. Something real quick. Would you got home. I not necessarily right now but if you got kids myself i like Streaming services spotify applebee's his desk dante Y He wanna follow me on instagram. Us window I w i m b. o. xiv Any just could keep a look out like i said we have Stuff in the works. Why be ceo. So it'd be looking for new music. Climate inspired music of decal hip-hop things of that nature so hopefully can get that off the ground and you wanna look out for that amazing because our guest today they are crin van hook turner director of planning innovation at movements..

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