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Well that's nice so How about your mom did she was she as passionate or see to really wasn't and I know we'll talk more about you. Know why bruce's music spoke to me. And i'll speak little bit more about her than this really. This was really my dad's domain and and my relationship with him yup. Did you go through a rebellious phrase. Say's when you start getting into high school and did you kind of rebel against your dad's music or did you just always. You may have added other bands into your quiver but you always respected what. He loved what he had Now i unfortunately. I wish i had been a little more rebellious. I might have had much better time than i did like. I said i was been nerd. Lawyer not surprising. I always really love listening to the classic rock stations. But you know. I'm at early. Mtv generation top forty in the eighties. I did listen to all that. That top forty stuff but still always came back to that. I think too that classic classic rock in still seeing some of those bands through the years even as i got older Definitely in my dad. And i remember. We went to stones concert steel wheels. I think it was Huey lewis in the news. Bob seger we still even into my teen. Years went to all those shows. You know chicago obviously got a lot of those acts coming through so yeah we definitely still kept up on the same page. Yeah where'd you go to school. Where did you go to undergrad. In law school I went to northwestern university outside chicago. i actually got a master's degree in history at the university of oregon. And then i went back to university wisconsin-madison for law degree and Had always wanted to come back to the northwest and so ended up back here soon as i graduated law school the car right outside seattle. So i was. I was lucky to land. Yeah i that's great. I i have I've never visited that part of the country though my brother-in-law in sister-in-law talk about how beautiful it is they they are always talking about. This is where we need to go for family vacation. It is incredibly beautiful. I will say. And i was talking about this with my friends Suzanne who. I was with on just in new york last week. Before for the broadway show. It does make it a little harder to see a lot of shows. Yes i mean being out here for the last twenty years You really have to work at it if you want to catch multiple shows in a tour Challenge yeah You know we're gonna get to that in a minute but it is.

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