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The tar met upon to the metaverse will be an so. What i did was i actually looked instead right. While meta. punk is the cultural phenomenon that will arise from the metaverse so people will identify themselves under method punk like did with cyberpunk being a dystopia. The future And so that that that identifies the cultural phenomenon On a have actually funnily enough five actually trademark to do with You know the consulting business the the booklets on war currently walking on. And i'm also working on a graphic novel with a friend of mine On the with the same name. So what i'm trying to do is actually cement meta punk as as part of the dna of Of the metaphors Going forward as well The businesses sale for being the businesses itself is essentially consulted for the of are selected. I've got twenty years experience in the tech industry. Ten of which has been researching Unpredictable you know an and preparing for the future. Look like looking at the convergence but will under meta versus that convergence. And so i'm kinda place in. This is a really nice sweet spot where i can help brands help. Startups helping Vc's fabio offices who want to be a part of this but don't know where to start intestinal so so i'm that's where i am at the moment With meta punk. And of course. I saw on ireland for my writing now for my block And i'm really enjoying that part as well. i've i've only been writing for Less than less than two weeks or less than three weeks now have already written twenty three articles. okay just because there's always something new right about And it's getting along attention which is great so can't complain. Econ compaign mander nice sunshine. Make as the yes. Definitely building on this And you spoke about the word convergence and since you are futurist and that everything going around whether it's travel policies whether it does the dial laurel coming to almost a sandstone last year but be back at least for the next through three years on the next five ten years. Easy the world becoming more convergent or is it going to be diverted from your perspective because things are changing in different yes. It's an interesting point. I mean he rhino a you. And i just before we start to talk to the what's been going on in the world the pandemic itself as being interesting because in the last eighteen months rather than bringing the world together. I think have many cracks are So i'm when i expected The political parties of the planet to come together and tackle something because we all had the cullman cullman purpose. All of a sudden i started at the you could see countries and they're under leaders saw rallying round each gathering row rallying runs their country and are very protectionist attitudes. So these are my vaccines. You're not gonna get them. I'm not going to give you any of my vaccines. Because i need them for me and stuff like that. And of course what sites what that's done is exposed wonder. Were living through an extremely selfish type to the the divide between society in terms of the haves and the have notes as never been greater anisa same with countries as well so countries who of being unable to prepare through the pandemic. And if you obviously need help suddenly left to fend for themselves. By the countries who are better wealth so while technology is kind of helping us or technology trends are converging some technologies out helping us connect a as a whole. The society has become a lot more fractured. And that's something that technology would solve not something that people.

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