President Trump, Mahler, Donald Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


About his Russia probe in which he reported again was told by the president to get rid of Mahler but president trump is saying of the Democrats say should be ashamed of themselves absolutely is J. he's saying it's now case closed this is fox news W. O. A. I. local news that is under arrest in connection with the shooting of the Henderson county sheriff's deputy best Gators believe that Jeremy Cooke opened fire the deputy yesterday morning during a traffic stop in Berryville the thirty nine year old was eventually captured in Cherokee county the death be expected to survive we used it is getting ready to spend two billion dollars to upgrade the city sewer system the city council approving a plan yesterday which would fix damaged pipes over a fifteen year period despite concerns from councilman Greg Travis that there would be a large rate increase their service to Turner has denied any large increases what happened and believes that they'll be under two percent the speed limit changes are coming to mopac expressway toll lanes in Austin the central Texas regional mobility authority board approved the plan yesterday which set seventy is the maximum speed for drivers there's also a minimum speed of fifty five the board is hoping the changes will reduce the chances of a crash I'm Erik sharp from the W. away I traffic center so far no major accidents just all the angles to report at the moment and traffic moving along at the posted speed so most of our roadways couple of overnight construction zones to be aware of I. ten east at four ten also crews working I thirty five north at George beach drive on the exit ramp as rules for ten west at San Pedro applying Brooks newsradio twelve hundred W. away I seasonally warm as we go through the next few days a mainly clear.

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