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You want more that more than anything. We call it libertas. To do what you do to what you want to do when you want to do it at the highest level. I give you a quick examples. Almost all of my elite coaching clients is one of the ones I talk to personally every week. They are all either moving, rehabbing something, moving up, they had the choice. They used their freedom because they get all of this. And they saw something that they won and they said, you know what? Yes, maybe I don't want to list that. I want to buy that. I want to have that house on the river. I want to buy a hundred acre farm. I want to build John walkinshaw in Canada. I want to build a cabin on the Lake. They were able to exercise their libertas because they understand all this. Latin for freedom, by the way. Liberty means freedom. In French? But yes, it does. But the point of it guys, if you really cut through it. Now initially, when you got into real estate, when you decide to start your own business, you are looking for a bunch of different sort of unassociated things. But it was still freedom. It was freedom from your job, freedom from the tyranny of not making enough money, freedom of being dependent on somebody else for your job job. It still was freedom. Maybe it was defined a little bit different way. And one of the things we do in coaching all the time is try and get you back to that excitement that you had when you first got your license. Now some of you listening, that's not hard because you just got your license. That's okay. But it's all about freedom. And then as you learn all of these things, you learn to save and pay yourself first, you learn to be a listing agent, you learn to do all of that, your definition of freedom changes. That's the freedom to say, you know what? Yeah, I'm going to do that. I'm going to buy that new car. So here's the mental exercise I've taken coaching clients through. So you woke up this morning, and you are feeling fantastic. You got a great night asleep. Now, I want you to tell me what your world looks like as soon as you open your eyes. Are you in the bed that you're in? Are you looking at the bedroom that you're looking at that you looked at this morning? Or maybe you're looking at it now as you're listening to our podcast. Are you in the state the home? Are you in the environment? Are you about to put on the clothes? When you look in the mirror, is that reflection?.

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