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I don't get it obviously i don't understand that say well you know what maybe was out of the y'all been maybe he needs to be a little bit more private those or what about they lost what what are you have dumb and i don't know what he would have done then but i do know this they did win and he did do it and it was a nice moment i don't think it was cheesy it is what it is eleven enjoy it celebrate people have got to stop reacting to every single thing so eddie buddy i saw some anybody that was critical of curry again engaged after that game a week there's nothing we could agree on anymore right there's like literally nothing left in this world no we can agree on right normally we can agree proposals good right now it's like how develop people just have i as such as hang up about everything that you can't even proposed a somewhat you can't even have a great multivitamin oh man without people just coming into just completely crap all over it i totally understand it yeah i grew well that's not the time or the place why why what is the time over the place you got a gay jobs you know what that's kind of poor form miandad i obviously i don't wanna go this overland arcade up in getting married this weekend rain it lay married in italy now you've got korea miss texas there are also engaged getting married did you also see that this love story this love can action whose at brian mccann his mother is getting remarried second marriage arm added off its second but as another marriage to mark sharon there they were teammates at the yankees and now their parents are getting very this is that a great love how here i read about it so brian kids mother mother mary more lark to shares following to look at the great people that is gone love grain you're lucky enough to find it it's the best day they heroin was the 'acquis got engage david lee you know it good for weiser because if wozniacki talk about someone who would have with worry mcelroy leaves are at.

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