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They say the medical condition you could use to call in Dave and FOX league ahead. I caught by the other day. And I told them look. I I got rectal black Homa rectal glaucoma. I don't know that what's the symptoms. What is that? I says, well, I just can't say my ass coming into work. Congratulations. Dave, you are a big winter than out of any prizes. You're just a big winner. See that one joke versus Tim Conway. Dane, you have to be this phrase. I hate of a certain age to appreciate the fact that Tim Conway was one of the funniest people truly you ask any of the working comedians who are out there right now. And they will tell you Tim Conway was the comedian's comedian. He, you know, worked on breaking up his cast mates. They they would go through meticulous rehearsals before they did the Carol Burnett show. And then when it came time for the real taping. He would switch everything around just to break up his cast mates. I loved him. Now, you interviewed him in I interviewed him many times. And he was always funny and always a super nice guy. And always unbelievably inappropriate when the mikes were. All absolutely. He was and everybody will say that about him. Not only from the Carol Burnett show. Not only from Mikhail's navy that we're looking at some clips from right now. But he was a voice on SpongeBob square. Panzi? He won a six EMMY awards both for the Carol Burnett show and forget appearances that he made on other shows, but do yourself a favor today. Go get on YouTube put in a Tim Conway and watched some some of the bits that he did you will spend the whole day laughing. He died of what turned out to be water on the brain. There were earlier reports that he had dementia and Alzheimer's disease. But family members said that the official cause of death was water on the brain. And a rare form of the congestion, but it was not Alzheimer's or dementia. Yeah, he was eighty five years old. Carol Burnett has commented on what you know, what an honor it was to work with him to be onscreen with them an offscreen with him. What a gentleman he was. Vicki Lawrence said that Tim and Harvey are in heaven and the angels are laughing out loud. Tonight's. Nice nice. There's just been one beautiful tribute after. Another from Conan O'Brien and from Richard Lewis. You know, the the the younger comedians Judd appetito all saying that they grew up watching Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett show. And you know, there was just nobody funnier. And I could not agree with that thousand percent. There was a story that Kilbirnie told her life show at Chicago theatre last year that the that many of you were at an and I'm only remembering the gist of it. But I'm not too far off on this. And the story goes Tim Conway is somewhere Jamaica somewhere in the Caribbean. I don't know if they're doing some Carol Burnett sketches, there, whatever the case may be Calvert has with her husband. Tim was single at the time. They wanted him to go out to dinner. You said yes, come down to my room. They go down to the room the doors kind of a jar with the lights are off in the room. Like, a Tam, Tim they go around a corner. Tim's in bed shirtless. Candle lit with a blow up doll in bed with him. Need a couple of minutes. I'll be right with you. Here's a nut. Very very very funny. Really one of the great, Mick Jagger. We've all wondered how Mick Jagger has been doing. They cancelled.

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