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Dot com here's John Aaron and thanks for taking me along with you this afternoon we begin with breaking news out of Maryland where students across the state will be spending even more time away from the classroom state schools superintendent Dr Karen salmon made the announcement in the last hour that schools will be closed in Maryland for an additional four weeks until April twenty fourth while it is too early to definitively say exactly when schools will reopen we will continue to reassess the situation as we move forward additionally wild child care in day care facilities throughout the state they may remain open at this time our urgent focus is ensuring that their child care options for the children of the central personnel salmon also says child care in day care facilities can remain open but the focus is now ensuring there are child care options for those deemed essential personnel DC schools are already closed through April twenty fourth in Virginia has closed schools through the end of the academic year also this morning Maryland governor Larry Hogan requested a presidential disaster declaration for the state to help provide funding for state and local governments and non profits both Maryland and DC have posted their largest single day increases in corona virus cases in Maryland there was a jump of seventy four cases in twenty four hours bring the total in the state up to four hundred twenty three with more than a hundred of the cases in Montgomery County DC added forty six new cases in a single day there are now a hundred eighty three cases in the district and we're learning about more cases in Virginia just in the number has jumped by a hundred one there are now three hundred ninety one cases in Virginia that makes for nine hundred ninety seven cases in all in DC Virginia and Maryland thirteen people have died among the latest of prince George's county man in his sixties who had been suffering from underlying health conditions one county is getting ready to close its government buildings to the public as of five PM Friday Fairfax county government will close all of its buildings and facilities until further notice the goal is to try to help limit the spread of the corona virus the government itself will be open and many services are available online the board of supervisors and other county boards commissions and authorities will continue to meet in person but only staff they can't do their job remotely will be in the buildings Neil Ogden sting WTO Pinos metro is canceled more service today with no warning to riders a number of northern Virginia bus routes suddenly stopped running this morning in Arlington Alec Andrea and Fairfax county they include routes ten eight ten N. twenty two eight twenty two C. and twenty two after the Pentagon the five eight at Dulles airport and some routes serving fair oaks Dunn Loring Annandale in seven corners all of the routes are supposed to be running as part of metro's Sunday supplemental bus schedule metro did not say why the service suddenly is not operating metro separately plans to shut down more than a dozen rail stations across the region starting tomorrow there are.

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