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Center the trump administration is set to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum ports from the eu canada and mexico secretary of commerce wilbur ross says he wants america to be able to trade fairly with its partners a situation of symmetrical tariffs democratic representative susan dell benny's a bit says these new tariffs are leading to a trade war a bit leery of this represents watkin county which is the home of an aluminum smelter and a large number of farmers sharing because retaliation in most cases is against agriculture and definitely have heard those concerns those worries today from farmers right up here in linden republican representative dave reichert is urging caution in a press release he says it's important to clamp down on countries such as china but there should be exceptions for canada and the eu and more and more people are living on the streets and king county the annual count found more than twelve thousand people living in shelters or on the streets but cairo resist row with the group one home says too many of them are outside six thousand three hundred twenty individuals for unsheltered in our community on the night of january twenty six this includes people living on the street in cars rv's and fans and abandoned buildings and intense intensive encampments cosanctioned unsanctioned locations there is some good news the number of homeless families and veterans is actually down survey immigrants living the city of seattle shows they believe affordable housing is the thing they need most komo's charlie harder tells us more survey from seattle votes shows a big wave of immigrants is recently arriving many refugees from places session somalia ethiopia vietnam mexico and china according to the research nineteen percent feel affordable housing is the top social issue around here followed closely by jobs and education many have obtained citizenship and it appears language skills are a big factor in whether or not they vote according to the seattle votes survey people with low proficiency in english whereabout fourteen percent less likely to vote charlie harger komo news is search for a missing bonney lake team continues with a reward now at five thousand dollars for information that leads to her safe return searcher lynn terrorists arose says they won't give up until lily christoffersen comes home actually talked to people in the sex trafficking industry and they all say that there she is for sure still alive somewhere she's being probably kept in a motel and a lot of.

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