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He struggled, and he continued to struggle ever since. I don't want to see that same future for Justin Fields because I like him so much as a player, and as a person I root for his success. I was hopeful that maybe the Patriots would move up to grab him. But clearly they were all in on Mack Jones. They love the accuracy the decision making how he's ready now, and so that was a great fit for them to sit and wait and Mack Jones fell right into their lap. The butterfly effect. Peter Burns, Katie George of Trey Land's going three and seeing where Justin Fields went was so interesting to me, because, like you said, Mack Jones falls, too. It couldn't be much of a better spot, right goes from a situation to where he's been coached by Nick Saban goes into the coaching tree of Bill Belichick straight to the Patriots, and they're hoping that he becomes that next Tom Brady guy even with the dad bod and everything of traffics, but, um, that was an interesting quarterback room. That is now too, right. You got Cam Newton, Auburn quarterback Jared Stadium, Auburn quarterback Mack Jones, Alabama quarterback the Iron Bowl quarterback rooms, but they're trying to find their next guy, and I think the reason why we saw so many quarterbacks drafted is that you realize now with the cap space once once the Seahawks did what they did with Russell Wilson, which was nail on a draft pick, and they were able to have him on a cheap rookie deal. And now it's up to five years the way it's structured. You can spend money elsewhere. You can spend money on upgrading an offensive line. You could spend money on. Ah, great defense like the Seahawks did, which led to that run, and I felt like that's why you're seeing more and more quarterbacks being selected. More so than ever, and you go look at the trends, right? Already six wide receivers, the most ever in the draft, selected 59 defensive backs. I mean, at some point, the Jets drafted three defensive backs in the fifth round alone, okay? Cowboys their first six picks, or, um, defense. I I felt like this was somewhat of a common sense draft on so many different levels. I am shocked, though, that I guess I should say I'm not shocked that the opt outs never really played a role. I never really believed that they were going to play a role. Katie about You know, all this player opted out, but you could see two sides of the pendulum. Jamie Newman. Okay, wait. Force quarterback transfers over to Georgia. He opted out. People thought he might win the Heisman at Georgia last year goes undrafted. Okay, so there is one of the situation that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Like that was a head scratching move. He could've stayed it. Wake and had another phenomenal year. Put up great numbers like he did this season before. He could have been maybe a 2nd 3rd rounder like a Kyle trash someone like that if he had a great performance again, But then he makes his head scratching. Move goes to Georgia. Thinks he's the writing on the wall that he might not be the starter. It's not a sure thing and decides to opt out, and I think it came back to bite him in the butt stage. Two rats, another Wake Forest team who played our teammate who played with Jamie Newman. He was a sophomore. Put up video game like numbers. Great. Huge talent at Wake decides to opt out because he had a shoulder injury the year before. I think that hurt him. He goes undrafted. His older brother, Chazz, who played in North Carolina gets drafted somewhere in between. Maybe the third or fourth round as a linebacker, but to your point Those are the on Lee opt outs that come to mind that I think, uh, it didn't work out for them like they believed it to be. Where is everyone else who opted out and decided not to play, I think still We're great picks and teams clearly didn't think much of it. Jim, our taste right. Jamaar Chase at L. A chute didn't play all season and they're going to the Bengals. I will say this, though Dylan Moses, star linebacker for Alabama, had he opted out. This is the other side of the coin. Had he opted out and not played last year. Probably would've been the 2nd 3rd round pick. Ends up having a little bit of knee issues and sure enough ends up going undrafted, which was kind of chaotic at that point to Caleb Farley was in a corner back from Virginia Tech. He acted out. He went 22nd to the Titans like that was somebody that we wondered always his draft stock gonna fall. Clearly not Um all right. Are you ready? We haven't done this in a couple of weeks Sunday morning therapy. I said, and I assume that everyone's happy with their draft. But clearly America. That's not the case. 888 say, ESPN rd. A couple of calls on hold will get more of your calls there. That's 888 say ESPN. Did you hate your team's draft? Tell me why 888729 37 76. We'll take those calls Next. Peter Burns. Katie George, the best week ever on ESPN Radio with the 11th Pick My Chicago Bears Select Justin Field. Last month, and I have no it's been a lady Rod conversation here. It's fueled his fire They're going to get the best of it doesn't build. This'll is the best week ever. Hey, we get it. You don't want to be hearing a progressive commercial right now. So let us tell you something You do want to hear you are intelligent. You make all the right decisions. You were smart before smart with school, and you made it cool again. You have a wealth of knowledge. And you are so very clever. I bet you already knew I was going to say that you.

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