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The packers side of it. It's a nice convincing win for the packers who now go into their biweek sitting at 9 and three. No one else is even 500 in that division. Whatever they need to get ironed out on the offensive side, they have time to do it. They're going to be getting zider Smith and gyro Alexander back at some point, probably in December. So this was, I don't know if you would really underline anything as great in this game, except they sort of got to disjointed mistake prone opponents and they took advantage. Yeah, and I just still think I still think a part of us is looking at the packers like we look at the chiefs, especially because we saw the capabilities of what the packers could be in that new offense last year. But it's not going to be like that anymore, right? And it's not going to be beautiful every Sunday, but that is sort of the underlying beauty of this system is like they're going to be able to get functional points. They're going to be able to score when they need to score. And it's not going to be a laser light show, but you're going to be able to edge out your opponents. You're going to be able to wear them down a little bit more effectively, and that's what they did on Sunday. It's going to say the biggest issue for Green Bay right now might be the kicking game. It's mason Crosby, poor mason Crosby, missed another one. This one from 42. So he is running away with a league lead in missed kicks at this point. But as far as the rams go, and look, this is probably going to be a storyline we talk about for, I don't know, longer than we want to. But they lose Robert Woods, they gain Odell Beckham junior and it's certainly in the short term that's a minus right there. I mean Robert Woods was so important to what they do, both his value as a guy you can move around the formation, and just as a guy who gets to a spot where the quarterback knows where he is going to be when he delivers the ball, and they're not just quite there with Odell Beckham right now and what you have is just it really is. It's out of sync..

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