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Of the week were loaded from the health alternative of the week followed by the health outrage of the week then we've got a product recall of the week and will finish next hour with the health minister the weekend a lot of news in between that we're going to begin this hour in the discussion of what I sort of preview the last hour and I hope you were with us last hour and if you missed last hour you can always go back and listen to it on the podcast library which will be available to you as of this coming Wednesday simply log on to my website Wednesday if you missed the first hour of the show it was an interesting one add a log on it Dr Bob dot com go to the podcast library and there it will be in fact that's where all of each and every hour of the show will be in existence there in case you're out of town you miss the show some weekend you sleep in whatever it may be you always be able to get it on the podcast library on my website Dr Bob dot com all right we're gonna begin this hour in a discussion of something it's kind of troubling because as you well know because you'll see the same television information and probably hear the same thing that I'm hearing about many of these laboratories and I've used many these laboratories is blood laboratories for years quest labs Abbott labs all these different laboratories which have been in business a long time they're very good at what they do and they're working very very hard to come up with tests you know point of care tests instant test an accurate test to be able to diagnose corona virus as quickly as possible that's the idea that's the goal and as accurately as possible and certainly if you log on and you hear these news conferences that go on each and every day almost you're learning about it as well well the White House people in the White House and our government are being tested on a regular basis White House five minute corona virus test from Abbott labs misses the mark or the accuracy in about half of the cases that's pretty scary fifty percent that's like flipping a coin heads or tails doubts about abit test the blood tests to try to diagnose corona virus touted by the current administration after the virus gets inside the west wing and you're probably reading about this new hearing about this right now the rapid corona virus test from Abbott all yeah there was a lot of hope involved in this a lot of wishing we're all wanting a quick an ATA act accurate test to be able to measure people to see if they are positive so that those among us who are the weaker of the modest specially the aged people people with concomitant health problems that are more susceptible to serious consequences of coming down with a corona virus even though the majority of US ninety eight to ninety eight percent of us will either have no symptoms with corona virus it'll just work through our body we won't even know what's inside of us my body's immune system just handles it not even a contest some people get mild symptoms some people get moderate symptoms most people do not go to the hospital we all will eventually be exposed to this virus we will it's just a matter of when not if so don't fear and just do everything you can to stay healthy and that we are of course figuring out of the society how to protect those people who are at risk of more serious consequences but this particular test with a lot of hope behind it Abbott labs and there again working hard I think highly of eleven Abbott labs but there's still some flaws to work out there is there are many laboratory tests at a hundred percent accurate even blood tests that you get a lot there's a tale the possibility that that test is going to be wrong something's gonna go wrong or some is going to be mixed up something's gonna be un calibrated perhaps and the rapid corona virus tests being used to diagnose people at the White House including president trump's valet and vice president Michael pence's press secretary may miss up to half of all positive cases a new study which suggests meaning more people in the trump administration the inner circle may have the virus but are unaware Abbott laboratories new ID now test that's the test that is hailed as the test that is gonna save everybody the five minute ID now test and a negative test but in thirteen minutes so you can they say at Abbott labs within five minutes you'll know that you have a positive test you have coronavirus but it'll take thirteen to tell you that it's a negative but researchers from New York University found that the ID now test missed one third of corona virus samples stored in vials compared to another commonly used testing kit what's more among samples that were taken using a dry nasal swab you seen this in these drive ups four people are being traumatized the test from the Illinois based company Mrs about forty eight percent of positive results it comes on the heels of at least a dozen White House staff members testing positive for the corona virus including vice president trump's press secretary Katie Miller and one of president Donald trump's valets and raises questions about how many cases of Abbott's tests have actually been missed Abbas test received emergency use authorization by the US food drug administration in last month late last month many of you may know this regardless of the method of collection and sample type Abbott ID now that's the test Abbott's ID now Colbert nineteen missed a third of the samples detected positive by using swabs in viral transport media and over forty eight percent when using the dry nasal swabs in a statement the Abbott said the New York University researchers didn't use the test correctly I mean what are you expecting a laboratory that makes this test that will profit by this test even though that you don't every business is in business to be profitable at Abbott is no different I think very highly of them but of course once they found out the results where about half the cases were in doubt there come back was that the the people who are taking the test didn't know how to obtain the test that was the problem allegedly producing false negatives at center so far and it has distributed more than one point eight million of the ID now test self there we have all right we're going to introduce you to a special guest when we come back from this break I suggest you have something to write with and right on import information will be right back people living in Asian countries eat.

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