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Again after the your holiday season here Maria Herrera will be our go to lady for every about every two weeks although in two weeks it is Martin Luther king day and were closed so we'll go three weeks and we'll bring her back he is the interim area manager including Santa Fe and Las Vegas New Mexico we also have Amy is here from dealers will get Amy in just a second we're going to see you happy new year hi how are you everything is fantastic yeah everything good at the state everything is good with the state no complaints it's a new year it is a Medicaid and a new budget came out today the the governor issued her exactly budget today and it does not include anything actually it includes a two percent increase for all stated no three percent sorry three percent increase for all state employees that's good I'm glad to hear that yeah you know it's been awhile since we had been able to consistently get an increase sol yeah well we got money we have money now all right now also hiring these days hiring and we'd just promoted the hell out of this rapid hiring event down at the county fairgrounds a few weeks ago it was a huge success lot of people showed up and I probably got hired did you did you make time to go down I did not know run I like my job yeah well it all tell you you missed a good one it was a four day event lots of state agencies out there are pretty much on hold pretty much everybody so we it was it like I said a four day event that was different entities on the different day right recruiting for all of these good positions we were able to actually offer positions right after the interview which was awesome I'm over thirty five hundred people were interviewed in not for a date time period right so we're doing good things were making great strides were working together to just make you Mexico a better place to be yeah and provide better service is because a lot of these lies department agencies are understaffed you hear it all the time you hear see why if he is in dire need a filling some some pretty important but this doesn't mean because thirty five hundred people showed up and some got hired that there are no more jobs available there are tons still turn the job racked so if you go on to state personal website the S. B. O. dot state dot in M. dot US website okay you are still going to get many positions listed on there and you know just because thirty five hundred people were interviewed like you said that not every single position was interviewed for during that four day wrap it higher good point right so so it is spoke dot state dot in M. dot U. S. yes Sir okay the overall the jobs there every all the qualifications often that's all the necessary training certifications education for everything right everything you'll need so you go in there and just like any other you note the employer you'll create a profile you create your profile once you've done that you've upload it your your resume your credentials you're able to apply for any job that you're interested in and of course qualified for summary of what if you are and what you're looking for a job and a marketing job for the state New Mexico and it says we have to have this many years this many years and a bachelor's degree and this many years very common very common but lot of times is training and experience can be substituted for degree correct that is if you have fifteen years of marketing and but never got a you know the actual educational level but you can swap out the edges the experience for the education and they love that so don't disqualify yourself absolutely please don't do that right just because it does you know first off you see that bachelor's degree don't let it scare you in another direction keep going with that yeah be persistent right if you want for a job go for it you know all right now you mentioned a resume now we are hiring part time work here and I'm broadcasting and and I think we're asking for resume so some people don't have a resume maybe their resume is old and they they've done better things or it just doesn't look as cool they doesn't look as as slick as it could because of the new resumes for free well I think it's important to remember that resumes are living documents too so we should always be you know updating getting and keeping it up to the heat right I'm if you haven't done so or if you need some assistance or an extra set of eyes always know that were available to do that I'm every Monday and Wednesday you can come into the local workforce connection center where I'm not only can you tap into the resume writing workshop but we also have an interview skills workshops so if you feel like you're a little rusty and you need some you know to touch up on your interview questions and you're not quite sure how to respond to some of those questions come by what is it with you we're clear on a mock interview where three oh one west of Argus rough of Guadalupe street downtown for downtown we're right at the skate park across in and and behind cal girl that's once I stay behind calgel everybody's like I know where you're at I know we always say that because you can smell it all day long oooh walked in a barbecue yeah for lunch time that's when it starts all right so Monday and Wednesday you can come in for resume writing workshop right and so and it's a to also note that at.

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