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Salad and get a right right on right on right on. Catch on the flip side you know that kind of thing. And race to see who could be the most revolutionary one of the stars of today's Suck Donald. David freeze was a front runner. Let's meet this crazy son of a bitch. To freeze was the founder of the radical group that would go on a big crime bender nineteen, seventy-three, nineteen, seventy, five, he committed plenty of crimes before that time well. Wasn't stranger to crime a man not afraid to commit crime and a man when he kidnapped Patty hearst surrounded by Bay area well educated young. Marxist. Flavored revolutionaries who had never themselves committed crimes. But one of some of that grit and excitement made him feel edgy and they fed his delusions of grandeur. Fifteenth Nineteen, forty three to free was born in Cleveland, Ohio birthplace of my Polish wife city with lots of Polish people that. Long history kicking out monsters net part of the world you get. His parents were Louise Mary decrease and he was not born into wealth and privilege like Patty hearst and I were. A freeze was the eldest of eight children his mother Mary was a registered nurse at a nursing home his father although there isn't much info on him apparently wasn't as carrying as to freeze his mother according to some reports. He disciplined Donald as boy by breaking both of his arms not once not twice but three separate fucking time. So clearly Donald was a bad kid who started off being about listening and ended up being bad at thrown baseball the stop right now you. Know this is true. His father was clearly extremely physically abusive to freeze. We grow up to become a very angry and violent man and if my dad had broke both my arms three times. Yeah I probably would have been angry and violent my twenties as well. and. In my teens at the age of Fourteen Donald David freeze dropped out of school ran away from home ran away from his dad losing yet another arm match semi come on he can now. He did really run away though unless that's not funny. You understand.

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