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Oh, my gosh. Uh, you guys are doing it's really him. It's the ABC action news Chief meteorologist Dennis Phillips. John, You got your way you happy, Dennis. How are you, man? So good to hear your voice. John and I got to tell you, I got to really appreciate you having my back and all these times because I've known of this feud that's been going on for years. I mean, people walk up to me that do you know that Drew hates you? That's so not true. I'm here to have your back. Dennis. I want to bridge this gap and I wanted Well, first of all, Can I ask you how Winston's doing your puppy? You know what Winston is looking at me right now, Winston, For those who don't know my 12 week old Bernie Doodle, and I don't know what happened to him last week, but either he got into some poisonous mushrooms or something in the back yard, But I mean, we brought him to the vet and they told us he wasn't going to make it through the night. I mean, it was 105 fever and brought him over to Blue Pearl, one of the local one of the local animal hospitals and he was in the hospital for two days. And now he's perfect. You're sitting here looking at me barking and And chewing on everything. He's not supposed to be. Like every other 12 week old puppy is so thanks for asking. He's doing great. Good. Clearly a big fan John Dennis Phillips joins us right now. He is the ABC action News chief meteorologist. I will say, Dennis, it is much better to speak with you in times of peaceful weather, because right now we very easily could be talking about Fred or Grace, or any number of these storms that seemed to be intent on hitting the Northeast right now, and that kind of crazy. It is crazy. I man you were talking about Paul Paul's in New England guy, and you know any time there's a chance that there's a storm up in the Northeast Tickets really fired up about it. And Andre is going to be up near Boston by Sunday night into Monday, so By the way, John. I hear you're going to Michigan tomorrow. Yes, Yes. I'm headed up to, uh, to the mid and tomorrow my homeland is a matter of fact. I lived in Detroit Fraser. Mount Clemens and my sister went to Grand Valley. So I know the area. Well, Oh, wow. Yeah. I grew up in Lapeer, Michigan, and tomorrow night we'll be staying right downtown. We're staying at the Greektown casino. Awesome. Enjoy. Drew. I'm sorry we were interrupted. Yeah. Listen, you guys just run away with the dang show, Dennis. I don't care. Hey, let me ask you is Dennis because I know you're playing in Todd's Fantasy Football League and I'm a I'm a fantasy football guy, too. But I'm about to cross the streams with Todd because while I support his golf events, and I consider him a friend I've never played in one of his fantasy football leagues before. Is he a fair yet rigid Commissioner. He's old school. He's very much old school like in in our league the last the last year, no tight ends. So I mean all standard scoring. No PPR, really old school guy. His draft is still done in person, where he still writes the stuff up on a chalkboard. As opposed to everything online, So it's kind of fun unlike you. I mean, I'm big into fantasy football, and you know, you're kind of used to the online stuff. Now it's just easier is more convenient. It goes faster, but no, he gets everybody together. And it's a good time. Now you and the one that I'm in I hope so because I'd really love to to attend the draft with you and get to know you in person. Would be awesome. I think I think it's coming up on Sunday before the season starts, like September 5th or whatever date that is so Yeah, I hope you are, too. It's it's really a great time and they're into it. I mean, it's mostly bragging rights. You know it is. There's no entry fee on that stuff. So it's just pretty much being able to trash talk, which is the best part about it. So last year, I made it in the finals. I lost previous year I made in the semis I lost, so I'm kind of hoping I can redeem myself this year. Let me ask you this Dennis Phillips from ABC Action News deal. I'm weird. Fantasy football been playing for, like 20 years. If I if I get burned by a guy, I'll never pick him again like last year. It's not Dak Prescott s fault. But I took Todd's advice. The Dallas Cowboys apologised that he is And I had picked Ezekiel Elliott and then Dak was available, so I decided to go double Dallas and then, of course, that gets hurt torpedoes. My team's chances at getting in the money. Once a guy burns me much like sick wanded last year, I'll never touch that guy again. And I know that's the wrong move to make. Do you do anything silly like that? Absolutely do the same thing. I will never draft O. B. J again. And I kind of feel the same way about about shape line on the Penn State grad and take one is my guy. I literally wanted to name Winston Barkley and I was mixed by my family. But but I've drafted take on the last two years and as great as he is, and a strong powerful of a player is he's he gets hurt, So I mean, maybe the value this year as it I agree with you, it, Zeke. I think it's going to have a monster here, and I'm not a geek san. I'm not Ohio State got at all. So any anything associated with it? I'm not. I'm not real pleased with And but yet, I think, And I think, Dak although there's that shoulder thing going on with Jack right now, so I don't know. I don't trust it. I don't trust it. I'm glad here. I'm not the only one. You guys think I could come to the draft party. Is this an invite only thing or can I come in? Hang you definitely can't. Todd told me that you're welcome to be a co owner and GM on my.

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