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Court. There was nothing to indicate that Elaine parent was a stolen identity. Luck Sylvia. And Charlotte Cowan. Investigators believed parent was the true identity of the elusive suspect in the beverly McGowan case known previously as SAM. Parents Criminal History Aligned with the circumstances leading up to beverly's mode. The numerology scam, the stolen personal documents and the use of scars. Yet beverly's case was the only nine instance in which parent had apparently killed the person whose identity she stall. Investigators Confident Parent was the woman nine Dallas Beverly accepted as a roommate days before her death. But they had yet to directly link parent to Beverly's. Murder. The evidence in the Miguel case file was ray examined to fund connection to parent. This included the farewell lettuce beverly had sent her siblings. They were pen don a notepad from her condo. The handwriting was hers and they didn't appear to have been written under duress. The decision was made to carry out forensic testing on the NOTEPAD itself. An electrostatic detection device also known as DA is a piece of equipment that can reveal indentations in paper that may not be visible legible to the human eye. These intentions are made when someone has written on another piece of paper that was previously on top of the paper being examined. Asked the testing of Beverly's Nari Pad revealed that it had been used to compose other pieces of rotting. The hidden messages were painstakingly replicated revealing handwriting that was not beverly's. Ed Appear as though the author was running to a woman whom she detained in an intimate relationship with. But they had since potted, the messages were hostile in nature with one excerpt rating. You will feel the repercussions are guaranteed. After your treatment and abandoned may have no remorse in tearing down what in truth are created anyways. Give me back my life. The lead is compared to samples of Elaine parents handwriting. And they matched. A forensic psychologist named Dr Barbara Coe and profiled parent for law enforcement. She later told the makers of the documentary. The world's most wanted woman that the letters were consistent with a rage filled and highly manic psychiatric state. The lead is parent road where addressed to a woman in London. Shea was the senior executive for an international. Blue Chip Company. Upon this discovery detective, Joe Cornish of the London Metropolitan Police raid joined the investigation. It had been about six yee's since he's had tracked the suspect now known as Elaine parent after her arrival at Heathrow Airport. He almost intercepted her, but she managed to evade capture. Detective. Corny. She interviewed the woman parent had sent the scathing letter to. In order to protect her identity, she was given the pseudonym witness acts. Witness X said she met parent on a trip to Miami during the nineteen eighties and the pair had struck up a romantic relationship. In nineteen, ninety, five after parent was sought by police for stealing jewelry. She fled to London and moved in with witness X. The couple's relationship soon deteriorated. Parent was prone to aggressive mood swings. She could quickly change from being calm and easy going to violent and temperamental. She threatened witness ex's live and attempted to emotionally blackmail Couple broke up in nineteen ninety and parent returned to the United States. To, witness XS surprise parent returned to London short wall laid off at the end of July. She was driving navis. High car. Parent persuaded witness to rekindle their relationship but the quickly sale it again. When they split first second time parent placed an advertisement in the personals column of London's time out magazine. She wrote that she loved wine and was a gourmet cook who owned an excellent collection of Capo cookware. Three months after returning to London parent kidnapped witnesses, sexes, two dogs, and flew back to the US. Back Home Parent sent witness x a death threat made of lead his cut out for newspaper articles. She also try to demand a ransom for witness XS to dogs. They were believed the bay, the same dogs found in her possession when she was arrested in Miami in May nineteen ninety. One. Witness XS information allowed investigators to fill in numerous gaps in parents history. Investigators nail understood that she must have met. Subbiah Hodgkinson, within her first year of living in London. Somehow, she managed to obtain enough information about Sylvia that she could take out a passport in her name. It was suspected that parent had stolen the identities of other vulnerable and unsuspecting persons. She had also learned to imitate a convincing English accent allowing her to trick people into thinking she was British. By. The end of Nineteen Ninety, six, Florida's State Department had filed charges of possible fraud against Elaine parent. But they had no idea where she might be hiding. Her name was released to the media in an effort to generate leads though investigators.

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