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News. I'm Nick Roman with the stories we're covering at seven, oh one let's continue with the analysis of the Trump's speech on border security, but with his southern California view KPCC immigration reporter, Lesley bear Stein. Roe Haas is with us, and Leslie he recently visited Tijuana to talk to migrant families is there and uncontrolled illegal migration crisis as the president's subscribed tonight. Well, I'd say that relative to say a decade ago when I was covering the border in San Diego. No, I mean, there are more asylum seekers and families coming from Central America. Now, I met several d'amitie wanna when I was there a couple of weeks ago, but they're relatively few compared with the sheer numbers of people who were crossing illegally a decade ago. I mean in the mid two thousand there were more than a million illegal border crossing arrests year, you could save DAT with an illegal immigration crisis. But this past fiscal year two thousand eighteen there were fewer than four hundred thousand arrests that's a little more than. In two thousand seventeen but it's still pretty low. In fact, the last time the border crossing arrest were this low was in the early nineteen seventies. In fact, there are more people now who illegally overstay their visas than there are people who illegally crossed the border. Okay. What about any threat from terrorists or crime and drugs is the president talked about tonight. What last September the US State Department issued reports seeing that in two thousand seventeen there was quote, no credible. Evidence indicating that terrorist groups had established bases in Mexico or worked with Mexican drug cartels or sent any operatives via Mexico into the US as far as drugs. Yes. Drugs entering from Mexico is a problem, however, illegal drug shipments tend to come into ports of entry like Santa see Joe so border wall worth billions of dollars. Unfortunately, would not have a big impact there. And yes, the president did once more link immigrants with crime if he's long done, but the data doesn't bear that out though shows that native born American citizens offended a higher rate than first generation emigrants. So what can we say? Actually happening at the border. Well in the past weeks, we've been hearing more about what's described as a humanitarian crisis, the president alluded to humanitarian crisis. If not quite this, but thousands of central Americans, including many families have been arriving seeking asylum after fleeing violence and instability back home some have come in illegally, but many others are camped out in shelters on the Mexican side waiting for a chance to present themselves to us officials. So they can apply for asylum. When I visited one I saw families who were just waiting. They taken a number hoping they could get an interview with US officials a process of taking very long time right now and some were camped in the street intense living in squalid conditions sanitation was minimal to kids living there. So yeah, you can call that a crisis in its own right? And I'm going to skip two to one final question for you would offense deter the migrants that have arrived at the border. You know, that's a really good question. I mean, most of the folks in Tijuana said they would wait to present themselves to US officials, but some are starting to get desperate a few said, they might just stay in Mexico. But a few also said they might take their chances and try coming illegally instead because they realize that their chance for asylum slim to none. So I suppose that more border security deter some of them even of crossing illegally wasn't what they'd intended. All right. Leslie, thanks so much. Thank you. ABC's Leslie, Barry Stein, Roe Haas. And we'll have more reaction and fact checking on the Trump speech on border security tomorrow during morning edition. It starts at five with KPCC Suzanne wild like it's seven oh, two KABC supporters include an pictures, presenting if Beale street could talk directed by Barry Jenkins, the filmmaker behind moonlight now nominated for three Golden Globe awards, including best motion picture drama now. Playing welcome to the frame. I'm John horn. Thanks for joining us R and B singer R Kelly is in the news once again for his alleged sexual abuse of underage girls. Some of the reported victims of the singer whose real name is Robert Silvester Kelly appear in a new documentary series called surviving R Kelly..

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