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So it's got to be kind of exciting for him. And look, what do we know? We know Naomi watts was just cast as cast as social eight with a dark secret and young handsome, British dude from pulled dart also cast your so you're. Jack was not shutdown the I'm very curious your thoughts on this. But from a complete outsider perspective, not just outside are like we don't actually know what the decision making. It's been behind the scenes on this. But outsider in that. I don't really know what the long night super is. I just have a feeling that they, you know, they cautiously Greenland five pilot scripts the zeroed in on this one is one of the most potential. I think it's very important. Not knowing anything about the script. I think it's very positive important. That woman is at the helm of this franchise is opposed to recycling. The same type of person that did the last story because I think the other game of thrones got some criticism some of deserved for its treatment of women on screen, and I think it's time for different perspective on it. And then this casting is terrific. And so, you know, fingers crossed obviously, we said the same thing about James Mangold, directing Boba fett movie. But so far, it seems like they're doing things, right? Yeah. So the long night is in referee. To the age of heroes, which is basically this this period of time thousands of years before the story of game of thrones. At the television audience knows it, and it essentially covers the sort of rise of the white walkers. I think the white walkers this is from winter's coming net. But the white walkers came for the living writing their pale spiders as big as hounds bringing with them a darkness that lasted for generation. And this was known as the long night, and one thing that I think is pretty interesting is that. That does set it up. Similarly, I think too you've got an age of political intrigue and infighting between humans that are then confronted with this almost supernatural evil at their doorstep. And that is where game of thrones is winding up. So it is it is kind of fascinating to see them. Maybe run back. Some familiar beats if not the actual story. But I think they it's so it's so early it's really hard to like have any make any real assumptions about these things. The fact that Naomi watts cast as a as a quote unquote, socialite suggests that you will still have some of the same chamber whispers that we have in game of thrones. Which I think is something that you, and I are both really into. She has the right coloring to Lancaster. I assume Lancaster's existed in some form there. That's kind of exciting to to imagine. It's sort of hard to imagine any other ending for the series that doesn't exist yet other than what the creation of the wall. And would you know what we now know is a three hundred thousand year. I don't know how much time has passed. But basically a pause. Button until the problem came back again. Right. Yep. So does that rub? This of some of its potentially dramatic stakes. Maybe it does maybe doesn't we don't actually know what the battle over the characters are going to be. But it also offers an opportunity potentially to go deeper in different directions than game of thrones much like better call Saul has used the goodwill of breaking bad to give us really fascinating character. Studies in storytelling. I mean, we've said this we were talking about better call Saul. But the devotion in care, which that better call saw gave to the Chuck Jimmy relationship to the character of Kim Wexler..

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