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Know, there's there's our opinion on this is a lot different than a lot of our colleagues. I think that what happens a lot of times is there are intelligence is out there or their pieces of us that exists somewhere in some kind of a I guess for for lack of a better word, cloud and times of high emotion times of stress and trauma. They can almost make an upload to that cloud. And sometimes that attach to specific places and things I mean, a building is the biggest haunted object of all. And so I think that times of intense emotion create this kind of attachment that when the time is right or or the date or the place of the person they can tap into that. And the experience that haunting and Dana. Of course, you and Greg have put together what is called Hellier a five part documentary series about the Appalachian mountains. How did you key in on the those mountains? Well, we were originally contacted back in two thousand twelve by a man who is experiencing some strange activity on his property specifically around a mine shaft that was on his property, and after you know, years and years of kind of looking into this case really digging into it. We started to notice that there were a lot of similar types of incidences happening up and down the mammoth cave system in and around that area. Sometimes people would refer to them as goblins sometimes people. Call them holler goblins sometimes they would have completely different kind of local names for them. But a majority of time the the things that were happening were all the same. So we were able to kind of put together this map. I guess you would say of where exactly this chain of events was happening. Greg was the specific case that leads you to to the Appalachian mountains. Or was it just in general? Well, where we were researching actually the name of of the documentary is the name of the town where this case took place Hellier Kentucky, they have account called Hellier Kentucky. It is a town called Hellier quite the name, really interesting. Because one of the things that we just found out is that the name Hellier actually means to obscure to.

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