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Up your checks, where are bass Logan painted Vegas. I saw the song. Yeah, don't talk about breaking rules. Now, you know, if you live in a glass house do not throw stones. Yeah. Come on, New Mexico. Knock-Knock was a teammate October 13th birthday guys me and him the same birthday. Paul Peirce same birthday. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. We actually we used to race back in the day. I used to race who called each other first on the birthday just to just everything was about competition, you know, it is dark and I you know cross paths on a number of occasions documents to ask me for my tennis shoes after games when I play for the Bulls now, I'm trying to get a job from him how you know, that's ironic, right? That's how things work, you know, never Bridges manager. So I can tell you never know who's going to be able to give you a job one day. Who's the better golfer. You know, I've actually tried to get dark out on the course many times and he's kind of ducked me. But the last time I remember he was a a ten a nine or ten and that's kind of where I am too. So, we're probably pretty much pretty close to saying Michael Jordan the goat, you know. When you play Michael Jordan the night before you got to play Michael Jordan, you don't sleep too. Well a man. Yeah, you didn't sleep too. Well because I would say the difference between Michael Jordan and other great players, you know, put magic in that group Larry Bird, you know, you can go on and cream. I mean, there's so many guys that that are in that group the difference with Michael Jordan is Michael embarrass you if you slipped up he would embarrass you because you know, he had a swag. He's got the the long the shorts, you know, you know the and he stick his tongue out and he'd uncle and everybody and then your teammates would be pissed off at you the whole time. But Michael Jordan is his tenacity and you know, you've seen up close guys tenacity, you know, we play with even Magic Johnson after we retired and he was still a bulldozer. You know, you you around Kobe all those guys on that level with that type of birth. Honor, they're all bulldozers. That's why I would say you can't if you play with a guy like that, you have to accept and in respect and you know and think about this is who they are dead. And this is why they are who they are. And you all you're doing is you're along for the ride. So do your job, you know last but not least Joe weekly and before you answer. Let me try this massage real was a local hero who coached over Crenshaw High School, but he helped a lot of us when we were young young man playing basketball to Joe weekly tournament becomes something else in basketball as well as young people in our community your thoughts Reggie. Well all the guys in your podcast that you've named from our era and before long.

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