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Of the couple's biological grandchildren according to court documents thurman billings was nodding off over his bowl of dry cereals erik thomsen took him back to the bedroom to nap next denise thompson the babies breathing was raspy before he was put to bed but ari thompson said he did not think too much about it because the child them in trouble by health problems since he came to the towns have family in september 2015 according to court filings of thurman head started staying with his foster grandparents during the week because he seemed to catch every illness that made its way through his daycare when denise thompson woke up and got food about three hours later she checked on thurman that's what she said in video recorded police interview that was played in court she said in the interview the child's arms and legs were cold and he was unresponsive she said she call 911 started performing cpr on him heather meadows detective who responded to the call said that based on his temperature thurman have been dead for a couple of hours when police arrived thurmond billings one year old was limping his lips were blue detective meadows testified under questioning from deputy prosecutor marty parker he had thrown open the pillow next to him the pillow case in sheet would later become evidence no charges were filed the death until march 2016 when the blood test results came back because there were no signs of abuse or mistreatment on the baby's body it was unclear how many pills thurman billing swallowed according to dr frank parretti who examined the baby's body for the state crime laboratory that's what he's senator questioning for fence attorneys patrick banka and john kennedy then he's thompson went to the police station for an interview where a detective broke the news that the oxy code on had caused thurman billings death ms thompson told the police i guess during the videotaped interview quote he must have found them on the ground oh god oh god she said she had switched purses just a few days before dumping all the contents out of the old purse to move them to the new bag during the transition her pill spilled out on the living room floor she said.

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