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When record that they're gonNA make an effort within two years so that means who gets to retain the benefit of not having to pay more money right. That's absolutely that's why they don't want Bernie Sanders as president of the United States. You'll back said you know personally. I would like to see Bahrainis ideas. Come to be but reality. Is You'll not see the nomination. That's my opinion if I'm wrong. Able certainly say so on the air with Mitt that I'm wrong if he gets the nomination but I don't see it happening because of some of the reasons we've mentioned on the air and the latest being. What you just mentioned Bernie will upset the car of capitalism to some degree he will not totally upset the cart but he will upset to some degree and that's what they do not want to happen. Understand I understand. I've been fairly transparently. Say on your show I am a supporting Bernie Sanders for president. Probably so. I also made a harder decision earlier. This year that I will consider myself a progressive Democrat at this point mostly because I wanted to be able to participate in primaries particularly my own state where they make you choose side. What's the what's the new classification? I was proud unaffiliated because I really. I really do despise parties. You even even as a progressive but it's it's hard to what you just said you know it's a manipulation game and so you know. I was sort of forced into that that decision but If there are folks listening to this show and you're like me or you're kind of on the fence in my mind independent. Mia My can. I get behind progressive issues that. I would honestly recommend looking at You know becoming a a young Turks subscriber member because we cover these issues or should I say the network covers progressive issues. The Best I've ever seen and a very strong organization and yes again in full transparency. We've benefit benefits if you use our videolink there but But it's more about the discussion around the issue. So you know and yes by and large the network is packing. Bernie Bernie Sanders the other progressive in the racecourse isn't Elizabeth Warren who is consistently been disappointing She calls herself a progressive behavior. When she wasn't running for office was very much. I would say as a progressive in particular. Now she wants to break up the banks as well You know in makes makes two gentlemen that were in that clip. Very nervous also But she made a decision as of two days ago to start taking pack money. So you know pack a pack that is unidentified at this point. Let me be more more more specific and the reason I know about that is the Turks So it's it's for me. It was a matter of trying to understand that that that point of view. And so that's why I encourage you to possibly take take a look at it at that point of view. I think two things I've said on this show before and we say often that the Democratic National Convention is not a governmental entity correct. It is a private private political organization Think of it as the Chamber of Commerce or the girl scouts or the boy scouts or your local community club. It's a private political organization that the DNC has given permission to run. Its conventions so that think of it. As as an event planner who's been granted the the privilege of running your organization's functions basically in theory. That's exactly what a dance. It's a private organization that chooses. Ooh You'll get the vote for so if you're unhappy with the climate within the DNC. develop another private political organization within the Democratic Party. Excuse me yeah on that matter. The very last question of the Nevada debate was posed by chuck. Todd which had to do in a roundabout way do Democrats support The rules of the DNC. When it comes to delegate count and Bernie Sanders was the only one who said no? I don't because it is unclear how they're going to manage super delegates and super delegates is what screwed him last time. Absolutely and so all of the other candidates were not willing to make that commitment. And so that shows you again. The power of this non governmental organization called the DNC puts a private private group and the dance scene again. I learned through the Turks. I did not understand the games. Okay but that is that is exactly the game that they're already trying to to set up and I know there's more stuff common and that that's again today. Point about why he feels. Barney is GONNA get screwed up the nomination and he may very well be right because we're talking about how much the opposing side in this particular matter has to lose we're talking potentially millions and millions of dollars because when you're trying to you know what happens is let's say Bernie Sanders gets the office and today point. He turns out Apple Cart. Well somebody has to pick the apples up. Because it's how you picked the apples up in where you put. The apples are what they're fighting against. Okay if you're for putting the apples where most people where you're going to be able to feed the most people with those apples. Then you're in the Bernie Sanders and progressive camp if you're for capitalism and and and for not really caring about where those apples go then. You're with everybody else in the Democrat Party the way not inclusive centrist by the way their second people if you want me to point to a candidate. That's that's that's trying to position himself. As a centrist candidates be booted edge as I call him because his last name doesn't fall off my tongue right off. Or perhaps Amy Klobuchar. They're both. They're both vying to be the the. I'm the moderate. I'm the middle of the road partner person. I just WanNa get all sides to smooth it. Just a dozen at work folks this time around. You know it's it's it's a political private organization that's taking away your vote and your voice with the Super Delegate. That's who's taken away your voice in your vote and part of that manipulation. That Davis talking about for example started way at the beginning of the whole election cycle. I studied all this as well as to do with the I'm trying to remember. The actual title is a committee that That structures the debates. They said they were the debates are going to happen. They take close bids from the network as far as who is going to get to cover what debates and they all sit in a room with the DNC has nothing to do with. The government has nothing to do with the people making those decisions. Like I would rather have a neutral network nine network. Excuse me I'd rather have like c-span covered the debates where there's no commercial breaks the damn debates run towards two hours sometimes in the why because he's networks get to cut into it and sell commercial airtime it why because the DNC is ninety government agency and not government sanctioned. People don't think about any of this no of course not so don't want politics at least I am the closest show and it's got word three hours. He promised it was going along. I still WANNA play this next clip which I substituted for the article. Basically the clip is going to cover everything that was in. That article sounds good. It's about twenty five minutes long so warn you got on now but I think it's important and it is the address by fawn sharp. Who is the new chairwoman for the Congress American Indians and and she gives a very impassioned address to talk that really even though we just came out of Apollo political segment which I understand but she really does a great job of basically pointing the finger back at the federal government in showing everybody where they are fam- Indian country. Okay so as I said it's twenty five minutes and so I'm not corner stolen any longer here. So would that Here is chairwoman font sharp. It's now my pleasure to introduce the twenty third president of the National Congress of American Indians foreign sharp to deliver the state of Indian nations address. President sharp is the first woman to give this address to all of Indian country and to the country and whole president sharp was elected as president of MCI this past. October two thousand nineteen and is the third woman to hold the position of NCA. I president president. Sharp is our current president and also president of the Cornell Indian nation into whole of Washington. President Sharp is dedicated her life to the rights of Indigenous People. She has held numerous leadership positions within the Cornell nation and the state of Washington and she represents her nation and aiming country on numerous boards and communities and a tireless advocate for tribal sovereignty. Please join me in welcoming our. Nci President Foreign Sharp. Your Sh. I'm Jack I wish guy. Good morning my name is fawn sharp. I consider it my life's greatest honor to have this opportunity to share with you today. I think the crater for gathering us together for this historic dialogue between Indian country and the United States. I'll be half of the five hundred and seventy four federally recognized tribal nations dozens of state recognized tribal nations and millions of native people across this country. I welcomed the distinguished. Guests assembled here today and those watching around the globe to the eighteenth annual State of Indian nations address. I stand before you today. As a humble servant of all tribal nations fulfilling my duty to share Indian countries story of perseverance and resurgence with a world to convey with absolute clarity Indian countries expectations of the United States government and accounts a light on the immense power and proven wisdom tribal nations better neither owned lands and affairs solving difficult challenges and forging brighter futures on their own terms. I embrace the enormity of this task for I have been groomed for decades to carry it out by transformative leaders in his footsteps I follow leaders like Beatrice Black Elizabeth Cole tiny component. He's a row. Sander Ramona Bennett to name. Just a few these matriarchs kindled a great fire in me to give my life leadership to my people and all of Indian country just as important. They showed me the way and for that. I am forever grateful..

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