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Indeed dot com slash Japan is looking into whether medical schools. Across the country have discriminated, against female applicants the investigation comes after it was revealed Tokyo. Medical University had done exactly that for more than a decade it released, an internal investigation earlier, this week that, confirmed it an altered entrance exam scores to limit the number of female students Tokyo Medical University said it believed female doctors would. Shorten or halt their careers. If they had children. Affecting, hospital staffing the education ministry sent a questionnaire to all medical schools asking them for six years of data. On the genders, and ages of all applicants and wants to know. Who passed and who was admitted schools have two weeks to get back to the education ministry with. Numbers Actor Bill Murray is being accused of, slamming a, photographer against a door and pouring a glass of, water over him and the photographer singer Carly Simon brother Peter Simon says he was taking a formerly banned and now widely used pesticide that was reapproved by the Trump administration has been. Ordered removed from the market AP's Tim McGuire reports an appeals court says the EPA ignored scientific studies about. Its dangerous split panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals in San Francisco or does the EPA to in sixty days end. The nationwide sale of clip paraphrase the pesticide which has been widely used on. Citrus fruit apples and other crops has. Also been shown to harm baby's brains coalition farm workers, in environmental groups sued after former Trump EPA chief Scott Pruitt reversed an Obama administration effort to ban the chemical the judge's ruling that Pruitt. Violated federal law by ignorance previous conclusions by EPA scientists that the chemical Is harmful Tim McGuire Washington Hi I'm Ralph Rousseau AP college football writer and host of the AP top twenty five college football podcast available. On apple podcasts and podcast one while there be. Sure to subscribe Rayton review that's the AP top twenty five, college football, podcast.

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