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Rob parker f s one on both twitter and graham all right. The eastern conference semifinals between the philadelphia. Seventy sixers and the atlanta hawks is at the half the second half just about to start or actually probably started a few moments ago. Yes sixty three fifty six sixty three fifty six philadelphia on a bit of a delay on the east coast. Apparently we're behind by a minute. So that's it was a little in australia. Come on it is well as long as i don't know when i'm on the radio so it's a bit frustrating right when you don't know that i just don't look at twitter. I'm i'm gonna be honest with you and last night watching that game between the bucks and nets because it ended after the show right whereas watching basically the fourth quarter after our show i purposely because it came down to the last second right i purposely. Didn't look at my phone. Because i knew i was behind and so i would have known what happened with that did you did you A lot of people rob. Let's go quickly to that nets game. A lot of people were jumping on bruce brown. Look you've got to the best one or one players in the history of the game and kevin durant and kyrie irving on the floor and bruce brown now he takes the last shot but took like three in the last five or something like that A lot of people jumped on brown because he took the second to last shock. Durant obviously took the last shot but just really held and durant ran down right. But brown's he You know i was the shot to win the game and he missed it. A lot of people have problems with him taking that 'cause you should've went to durant akari. Where were you add on that. Yeah i mean this is always that thing about who's opened some people open for reason you just would rather one of those two guys have the ball and have shot. Even if you don't win. I mean i i think harris joe harris missed a chop from the wide open guys in needless second minute a mess us in the world in the league right and he was why he got a wide open. Look nobody in front of him. I bet you ninety percent of the time he makes that shot and that would have been gained. Chris that that was a shot right. Did they actually had gone up by tweet. Got the ball. And then i think he would have made it five. I think that would have been named as series. I mean yes. I still think they're going to win. But it would've been over three. Oh is down big in that game for them to win the game on the road. The walkie was up. Big milwaukee with moralize lead demoralized absolutely now to brown. I'm gonna be honest right now. I will say this that play. He had harris open on the right side like the right baseline as he was driving he could have passed the harris for another jumper. Rob i feel like he would have hit it. He's a great shooter. He obviously was upset about missing that wide open. Gimme you mentioned. I think he would have hit it. And the other thing was on the left side the left corner durant. Was there not wide open but open now durant and i'm not making big. He scared at the moment he because he obviously took desire shot at the end of the game and ease it big shops before so it wasn't that but for some reason rob. He wasn't really like setting himself up for the past like he was just kind of walk in like lollygag in like he didn't think there's any ways going to get the shot and brown could've hit him so but i'm gonna say this rob. I'm not mad at bruce brown. I think one of the stress of that team is that even though you've got the three stars james harden joining k. d. inquiry. One of the stress of that team rob is when you watch them. Everybody feels free to take the shah agree on. That's what that's what they were able to win. All those games. Chris when those guys were injured those guys were big play makers bigshot makers. I'll tell you harris would have made that shot again. You give them that. Shot chris nine out of ten times on that elbow wide open and nobody in his face. He makes that shot. he didn't make it. A basketball is strange. I mean it just it just is you. Don't want your role players feeling like they can't take a shot right like like feeling bad. You don't want brown. You know second guessing man. I shouldn't take that shot. Come on i gotta get to katy or give it to kyri. I mean and rob. He obviously is not on their level but he did help bring them back nano order role players brought him back. Yeah is you don't make it to the nba. 'cause you were afraid to shoot right and afraid to make plays he was a star somewhere you know. There's only four hundred jobs chris right. He was a star so nowhere but somewhere. I'm gonna look it up now but he says you're right there's no scrubs in the nba. No no i mean when we talk about scrubs or whatever you're talking in comparison to the rest of the greatest players in the world bruce brown. Trust me if all you weekend warriors out there trust me. Step to bruce brown in an open gym. He killed his see. If he does serve you. I he will serve. You remember brian. Calabrese route yup dudes. You know they look at him up. Come on this dude is he. Ain't no good dues with step to him. Wanna play them one on one and all that. And he's destroying us. You know open gyms and all that mark jackson told me you know when he used to go play still after he retired and you know. Do think he's slow. He you know he ain't that good can't shoot and they talk so much trash you know 'cause he ain't going all out against them but then at some point you have to show them what it is you know you have to say look. I was in the league for reason. Do and you work for reason. I can remember that happening. And i must say on any kind of level but the same thing i used to the. Ymca was nearby apartment. When i lived in new york in jamaica queens and my buddy used to go to the gym like every morning and play or whatever. Chris basketball and of course the two and i was in my thirties back then and younger guys were in the gym or whatever. Hey you guys wanna play. You know that kind of thing. We used to kill though because we knew how to play. You know what i mean. Like athletic and jumping around and all that we knew how to play and they would always be loud holiday. Beat us because it ain't just you know all athletics right right. The rob g. alex. Correct me. If i'm wrong. Dirac parkridge is compare himself to to nba. Did i didn't conversations. I just remember i. I know i know i can relate to mark jackson i just i just remember people thinking like oh look at this dude. I was in my thirties. Chris and they were calling me old dude back then. It switched when you were twenty one. That was old.

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