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Welcome to another book nap so up the black ones. I'm your mother fucking house. The one and only arthur gustov johnson the fifth. Thank you so much for tuning in our process. You so much. How in the fuck. Y'all been hope y'all had a great week. You know what time it is is. Mother puck and halloween week. Bitches you don't have to tell me. I know y'all ready to get your halloween on ship was doormat last year. Damn near existent. To the gloves are off. Halloween is back costume parties. Go so you want there. Be safe and bring in halloween to the fullest me. A we'll be in vegas following. If you follow me and you'll be in vegas hollow this bringing together costumes is fucking required. Anyway i shout out to fuck and cool last passengers jonah. Who you are. Thank you funniest stories. Making me laugh my ass off an thank you for subscribing and give me a chance to make my way into your ear as i say. I'm all about comedy making motherfuckers laugh. That's it. I stand by my product. Nickel laugh anyway. Keep sharing me subscribe to all the networks. I'm on every platform. Hit that website up. The black was dot org a one stop shop. Comedy film comedy podcasts. Comedy merchandise subscribed that shit too with all that being said. Let's get on with them with affleck show. Shall we enjoy the. I want to talk about names..

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