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Were displaced in a house fire in San Francisco at nine. Clock last night. The fire on Oxford Street in the Excelsior was put out in twenty minutes, the Red Cross assisted those residents and a fire last night in an abandoned house in Richmond may have been started by vagrants Twenty-one firefighters from the contra Costa county and west county district responded, crews say that several people that apparently been inside the house before the fire broke out all of them got out safely that houses owned by the Richmond housing authority and San Francisco lawmakers are working to reduce the number of vacant storefronts. Here's KCBS, Melissa cool. Ross in a densely populated thriving cities such as San Francisco our commercial corridors they are. They are what defined our neighborhoods definer neighborhoods. They are the backbone of what serves our neighborhoods that is why city supervisor Sandra Lee, fewer wrote Norton. It's to update San Francisco's vacant storefront program commercial landlords. Now must register empty properties with the city within thirty days or pay a financial penalty. What it? Does is it allows the department of building inspection to actually create a registry of bacon storefronts? So they can also work with OA WD to find people to actually rent these storefronts out fewer wrote these changes because she says there was no accurate count of empty storefronts within her district supervisor valley Brown. Meanwhile, says the demand to rent these commercial properties is there. We have so many small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to do this that want to start a business commercial property owners. Also must have empty properties inspected annually. The ordinance went into effect on Monday in San Francisco, Melissa call Ross KCBS coming up on KCBS. This is Matt Bigler Lake County. Authorities are searching for the Palo Alto woman berated a Trump supporter at a local Starbucks.

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