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We have a longterm approach microsoft about where this subscription can grow and we know that price points very critical as we think about multiple devices and reaching gamers on any device that they wanna game on we want to start with the subscription at a price that we really think can be mass market as the viral hit four night from epic games it can be played across mobile devices and consoles and it's expected to launch unintended switch tomorrow spencer tells us that it's benefited mike microsoft for night has been a huge success for epic games it's great to see that we love when big hit games do very well on our platforms we're seeing that we're continuing working with that big about how to make that game even bigger they're doing a lot of eastport work this year xbox is always been a great place for multiplayer games in fort nights huge it for us for nine success poses a threat to rival game maker electron arts which just announced a battle royale mode for battlefield five in enabling massive groups of players to play just at the same time just like four nights popular one hundred person mowed piper jaffray reiterating and overweight of on ea on this news of new ways to play battlefield electronic arts also announcing subscription service called ea origin access premier for its pc games charge fifteen dollars a month for the service that starts this summer this all comes as the video game industry looks to the netflix subscription model to drive growth most back over to you all right julia thanks so much divorce in los angeles if we make that parallel and this is the netflixing of the gaming world who are the winners who has who has the upper hand since we know how the netflix situation is playing out right now well i think you should go back to what tronc arts and even to activision because i think battle roy.

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