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Make himself seem taller reduced to that after security agents nixed is first idea sitting on a pile of his money i'm peter saga will share what we know about the hearing that you haven't already heard on facebook plus actor laurie metcalf joins us to dodge questions about her co star roseanne barr join us for the news quiz from npr tomorrow at four ninety three point nine fm wnyc coming up on news on the next thirty minutes we'll hear from mp's from two of the other countries france and britain which took part in the missile strikes on syria and from a very angry former syrian ambassador one a veteran diplomat tells us america may have carried out as successful tactical strike on syria but it lacks a serious strategy that's after the years bbc news the united states has warned syria that it will carry out further missile strikes if president dawson's forces used chemical weapons again the american ambassador to the un nikki haley tova security council that the us was locked and loaded the strikes in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack and duma last week where described as hooliganism by the russian ambassador vasily nebi ensign yeah he said they'd been the blatant disregard for international law the syrian army has announced that it now has complete control of eastern gouta the rebelheld and clave on the outskirts of damascus that was under siege for five years jay shall islam the group which the rebels belong to finally agreed to the evacuation last week just hours after the suspected gas attack duma in other news more than one hundred thousand hungary have been demonstrating in budapest against the right wing government of prime minister to our bunn who was recently returned to power speaker after speaker denounced what they called mr orban's theft of the election after the governing feeders party won two thirds of parliamentary seats despite securing less than half the national vote huge crowds turned out in south africa for the funeral service of the antiapartheid activist winning mandela who died earlier this month thousands of people from across the political spectrum attended a ceremony in the.

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