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I really wanna see that. Play out in the playoffs. I really want them to get a bias. if they don't have to suffer any unfortunate accidents against teams that might be able to get them per game. So that's that's my stand performance player for the first for sure i like that. I think that's a that's a really good call out. I another one. That i wanna make sure people know about is brianna jones. Brianna jones is quietly becoming one of the better players in the league that nobody seems to talk about. Obviously she did just get an all-star bid in and that's well-deserved we actually brought her up on a previous episode is most improved player candidate where people kind of don't realize her. Big breakout season was in twenty twenty in the bubble and and then she's just continued that too we seasons ago. She was averaging three and a half points per game and getting eight minutes a game. Now she's up to thirty one minutes game and fifteen points per game so she's she had a big surge forward and i think that she's a big reason. Why the connecticut sun or doing as well as they are even without elissa thomas. So that's probably where i i gotta make sure i give a big shout to brianna jones in that category. They're logan. let's wrap up our discussions here. We gotta give a fa- amid season grade to our final team of this episode. Were you get connecticut in your grade. Book here boy i. I didn't want to do this. But i think i have to. Give them an a. Earliest name name minus i. I was thinking be plus. But then i thought if you can't give connecticut in a who can you right like like. They're doing their overperforming expectations. The handled their starving out for a couple of games with ease or well coached. Look good. I think in a minus if it's like a ninety one percent a minus where you're like like if you're a professor you're like don't screw around now like you still gotta come to class. Take the final but yet you're in good shape. Let's get. That's about where i've got him. I've got an a minus as well. I expect that here's the thing they're sitting in an a minus because they had they had a tough beginning of the season they played some of the better teams in the league in that first half. They've really only got las vegas a game or two against las vegas in the second. Half of the season that's That looks like their biggest challenge and they've got an mvp candidate it. I really think this is an a minus that it's like all right. I'm giving you a minus right now just so you know. There's room for improvement. You still have some work to do. would you trust them in a series against chicago. Five game series that. I think that's a close. I think that's a close series. But i probably would. Yeah at this point. I think they've they've looked better. When you just a minute series against vegas. Probably not vegas against seattle also. Probably not book. That's about yeah that's about where we all have them. Because i think it's like they're in the top three but you know i need to and you see that they can be those other teams in the top. Yeah i think. I give him the slight edge against teams like chicago in minnesota and a slight disadvantage. I think where they are in. The standings is perfect. I think they're slated exactly where they should be in the standings. Chicago's trending up so chicago. And minnesota both are trending up. even though they're below in the standing. So i i hesitate on each of those but yeah i probably would still just slightly give the edge to.

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