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Delivery passing on a final vote, City Council members say, meaning big change for the marijuana industry in Aurora, meantime, when it comes to roar as people began to measures were heard in City Council, the mayor's proposal to let voters decide on the next ballot. That ultimately failed, however, an effort for council members to potentially do away with the band past 7231 more vote will still be needed by the full council. I'm Fox 30 one's Lisa D'Souza for K Away News. Radio. Late October Freeze could chill Colorado's wine country estimated 70 to 100% of the greats in the states. Prime wine growing areas along the Western slope have been zapped by cold this year. Damage is bad enough that Governor pull us asked for federal disaster declaration earlier this month for Mesa, Delta and Montrose counties, it's granted, growers will be able to apply for emergency loans. Another tough blow for the wine industry, which already saw the pandemic forced the cancelation of wine festivals. Of course, restaurant wine sales dropped off a swell hope that things does those things come back in that area. That would be nice. What happens with covered 19 and the impacts that you will have it the gas pump oil prices late last week. At their highest level since Covitz started closing in a nearly $50 a barrel close to a $3 Berlin crease. Just last week alone. Patrick Johan was gasbuddy dot com says the oil prices fell today on the news that the virus has mutated in England. And right now the price per gallon is up two cents in Denver and the average price for regular gas $2.14 a gallon. But you can't find gas for a lot less than that. Breckenridge avail. Expect to pay quite a bit more, although it's not as bad as it's been, but a station unveiled today charging about $2.64. Ah, a gallon. So this Christmas this holiday season, you're gonna pay about 40 cents less than you did a year ago. So Round two box That's not too bad Know that you probably the thing is that we're probably driving a little less amazing. That's the thing is cheaper, But we're Yeah, That's right. We're supposed to be 6 37 here in Colorado this morning News. Speaking of the drive.

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