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A lot of us including 'em in me spend hours in front of a computer at work so we know that staring at a screen can get underlying exhausting even if you've never heard of digital is strange s sorry as it's known doctor she medical field chances are you've experienced das the es the effect of it include dry is headaches a feeling tired and rubbing your face a lot but when you protect your eyes with a beautifully designed pair of felix gray computer glasses then you can keep doing the things you love like watching tv or checking us out on our patriot or viewing beautiful photos on instagram felix grays lenses are specially designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare from screens which are the two main culprits behind das digital ice strain they have blue light filtering technology which is embedded into the lenses so their affective without the telltale yellow tint or color distortion of other blue light filtering glasses felix grazed frames are handcrafted from premium italian acetate which is the same aotearoa used by the biggest designer brands in the world and they're super silas i have the the tortoiseshell glasses and they make me look very smart i also have the tortoise shell glasses and they make me look super smart we both look really smart and they're actually super cute i like to wear them and there's no prescription necessary unless you're me when i'm as blind as a bat but they're glasses are available in nonprescription or readers and they just launched prescription lenses oh yeah for me and everyone that can benefit from wearing a pair of felix graze all orders are free shipping and free returns so you've got nothing to lose go to felix gray glasses dot com slash drink to try a pair of felix gray glasses today that's felix gray glasses dot com slash drink felix gray glass's dot com slash drink.

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