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Really. We're going to have to. We're going to bring them. In other polls. If you keep doing I I, live. I love the push poll of my sacrimento relationship. Okay. So he's a computer store owner. He picks up what he thinks is just like road hazard is the word. That's written right here. That I use all the time in the parts road hazard, George. How many rows road hazards, okay? In the parking lot outside a store, but it's actually a nail in splinter loaded Bonn, and Hugh, Hugh Scrutton is killed fuck that. A similar attack against another computer store, happens in Salt Lake City, two years later on February twentieth nineteen eighty-seven the bomb disguises a piece of lumber, and it injures Gary Wright and other computer store owner, and the blast severs and nerves in his left arm and more than two hundred pieces of shrapnel. But end up in his body, yet and also like these are computer store owner, like he's not sending anything to the was, or anybody in San Jose. Just like this guy is just like I wanna work with what I love. I just love. PC's. Yeah. They're the wave of the future everyone, what's this road hazard? Sucks. So then a woman recalls that before the attacks, she'd noticed a man by the scene wearing a hooded sweatshirt and aviator sunglasses leaving a bag behind the store. She's the first eyewitness account of the elusive Yuna bomber and helps create the now famous sketch of him. Do you remember seeing this short nineteen eighty seven? Finding remember seeing it up in near you. Guess kinda absolutely remember, remember saying it was on the news a lot. But also, I also thought it was opposed to for the movie the fly because where did he get sunglasses that huge you can only get today in a dumb store on Melrose in Los Angeles? Well, so there's so much controversy surrounding this photo, including the fact that the person that she saw wasn't him which is why it doesn't look anything like him or. Super cool. Yeah. She just yes, she saw that guy. But that's not she couldn't get him out of her mind. Right. But also that she said, when, when they sketched it, she's like that's not what he looks like. And so there's controversy and conspiracy that the FBI I didn't wanna catch him. And so they didn't put out a sketch that looks like him and because of kale Tra because I'm k- ultra goodbye. So. Then because he goes dark for six years, and doesn't reemerge until nineteen Ninety-three when he sends two more bombs that are set off in injures their victim intended victims. One is Charles Epstein geneticist. Right. Maybe. UC San Francisco. He loses a couple of fingers. The other is David gallop Galster. He's a computer scientist at Yale, he loses his right hand and suffered severe burns and shrapnel wounds and the bomb when the bomb explodes in his fucking hands. Okay. On December tenth nineteen ninety four New York City advertising, executive Thomas Mosser is killed when he opens a package that's posted to his home in Caldwell, New Jersey. So it's a second murder months later because key mails a letter from San Francisco to the New York Times and takes responsibility for the bomb. He claims that Mosser was targeted for his public relations firms, work for Exxon Corporation, the company, whose tanker the vol Dez spilled oil in Alaska's Prince William Sound. So he sends the bomb to the public relations firm, yet have got an anyone. I'm not publicised. Seriously? Take him down. One. One man you go to work all you want to do is go home and have glasses Chablis as I've said previously pet your cat. Okay. Release statements for your client. No, no. On April twenty fourth nineteen ninety five timber industry, lobbyist Gilbert, be Murray is killed when a package explodes at his Sacramento office and the Packers the package is actually addressed to the person that Murray had recently replaced as the president of the California Forestry Association. So two months later on June twenty-fourth, Ted mail. Several hours from San Francisco to media outlets and demands that his thirty five thousand word essay member, we just did that. Yeah. A piece titled the industrial society and its future which was originally of our book. Gotta change it. He says he wants his thirty five thousand fucking word manifesto to be printed for Begum by a major newspaper. He would keep sending bombs. So after debating, the wisdom of giving terrorists such a fuck and platform FBI director Louis fray, free and Attorney General Janet Reno your favorite, your favorite Reno. My personal style. Guru? They authorize its publication because they said that maybe you could help lead to the bombers identification, so they fuck and put the on September nineteenth nineteen ninety-five is poor people are like in Washington Post. What's happening in the news today and the New York Times published the Unabomber's manifesto it rails against the industrial revolution and the evils of modern technology. It's like you're fucking ninety five years, too late ready, bro. Although I wonder if we all sat down and read it right now be like he was gonna write. I'll have. It's all happening you to the math. No, wait calculator. The math. Okay. That, that the okay, so then, so after publishing a woman named Linda Patrick is casually reading the manifesto in the paper as you do breakfast. You skim a manifesto before sure before work. She recognizes the language as to be similar to the language in letters that her husband David receives from his estranged older brother, Ted. She's like that sounds like his insane rantings at he always fucking sense to his Christmas letter. Right. Hey hitting every year, we don't care what you did in that cabin. We're not putting you in the newsletter. Months. So she's like David Honey, this is your brother's shit. You should at least like tell the FBI and David's like, no, no, no, no, no. It can't be can't be Lalla fingers in his ears. But on in February nineteen Ninety-six. Okay. Comes forward provides a writing sample of Ted's to the FBI wants to be kept anonymous, but it's leak to is so on April. Third nineteen Ninety-six. They finally able to connect the two and arrest. Ted Kaczynski near Lincoln Montana, at his creepy place residents. Hi kevin. Thank you. They find a wealth of incriminating evidence inside his tiny cabin, including another bomb bomb, making components and the original manuscripts of the manifesto, which is like that he hand wrote lovingly. With his Lisa. Frank penn? People start to their as Kaczynski's also the zodiac killer. But it's discounted when the MOS don't match up, but I'm like, sometimes ozone match up for reasons. Sometimes they like to throw you off the trail. Let's check the DNA. What does that work out age by probably none of it works out like he started zodiac when he was around. Fourteen leave everything else, very young. I want it to be true. Yeah. So therefore, okay. So he's indicted on ten counts of illegally transporting mailing and using bombs and three counts of murder in late ninety seven he's put on trial in federal court and Sacramento, but the case never moves forward because he gets locked up in all these procedural battles with the lawyers, and prosecutors, and the judge because of course, he hates them all. And thinks he's smarter than all of them, and they can all go fuck off in his fucking mind. He is a net can. He asked to represent himself, blah, blah, blah psychiatric evaluation ordered by the court diagnosis him as a paranoid, schizophrenic, his lawyers later tribute his hostility towards mind. Control techniques and his participation in the study that he had done that adds. He doesn't wanna plead insanity. So to avoid along trial and the death penalty. He pleads guilty to all charges on January twenty seven twenty second nineteen ninety eight and he receives eight life sentences without the possibility of parole. And he sent to a supermax prison in Colorado. His cabin is seized by the US government when it's put up for auction and it's now on display at the news. Newsome. The Newseum Newseum. Sound in that one out. That was someone's last name new Siham washing juicy the Newseum museum. I wonder what that is in Washington DC. So he's now seventy seven. He is still a prolific writer and corresponds in longhand with hundreds of people. He still produces essays books in two thousand twelve he responds to the Harvard alumni association. Directory enquiry for the fiftieth reunion of the class of nineteen sixty two that my jacket, Liz, I'm ready to come and visit you listed occupation as prisoner and his eight life sentences as a wards..

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