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And build it up. I'm all doing and that gave me a solid fan base that gave me like a fan base that I feel I gonNA last. Like you you have your core fan base. It. Arrived for tip twenty years from now. I know what? I'm saying twenty years from now me sixty five. But because of way will. I mean abby sixty, four into. Man but I think that. It's important that people see the she don't happen overnight. You have to invest. The sacrifice yet the discipline yourself. In remained. Consistent. Is. Consistent. Ling and repetitive. Contribution And you've got to carry us. So she she'll he this something that nobody told me this is got a fucked up at and was sent me back a little bit like reason why I hadn't put out mount for years as. Far Doubt up here who wasn't taking care myself. But I can we take care of heels? Can carry yourself from me is. One of the things to take care of yourself for me to take time for yourself I was doing it for everybody else like doing it from a family doing for. Everybody all like being in a studio all the time. Right but there's a balance to. Like there at times are would be in the studio all day and not be productive as I should have been. But just because I'm in a studio I, feel like I'm doing the right thing but really that man, I've been the right thing knew I realize now that there are times where I was in a studio for our and got more done in an hour and a half and I did in fourteen hours. Allies that you've gotta listen to yourself, you know an SM I wasn't doing and it got to a point Robert Myself Out me. So I'm in a studio not coming up with Shit feeling depressed. I'll fill in the most anxiety I. Ever felt in my life you know, I'm feeling like. Hopeless you know an Audi- things that you know miles getting the best in. The. Acid stop everything I was doing because I was going to self destruct. Mean and added I had to. Get it, talk it through I had to go to their fee I had to start taking care of my body more I had to eat better. I had to work out. I. Had to spiritually take time to strengthen that foundation you know through meditating drew a working with people who are really spiritually grounded and have a connect a strong connection with God. This naughty staying. So it was like I that's a time. You know to a long time for me. It took about a year. To get. For me to get on a rhythm on a a, you know a consistent schedule and I still feel out of these ways not to deal with it a lot better now. Sir, let's take a break from the conversation to talk man I. Have you had any big screens. Well. Not If you're a falcons fan I'll tell you that well, maybe if you had a great week at work or your family made through an entire day of social distancing and learning online with the schools being closed and you haven't driven yourself crazy, then it's time to celebrate celebrate the simple things and the small wins the small victories in life man why? Not Celebrate with an ice Cole Miller High Life Miller High Life, which has been faithfully brewed the same way since it started in nineteen. Oh three and has been celebrating the good life ever since that's what they're known as the Champagne Beers or quietly within everyone's reach created the bring prior to the simple things in life like sitting outside enjoying a cold beverage. Is Your Day to celebrate the winds of every day with Mueller Highlight Miller High Life Champagne of beers equality bill within everyone's reach celebrate responsibly millbrook company Milwaukee. Wisconsin. A lot of ads we feel like you said anxiety in lead time we a lot of pressure will we can't control the things that are happening. But yeah, you know but we can control our how we feel sure sure how we allow ourselves to you. Yeah, we allow ourselves. You just give somebody that power when you let somebody take down and. I feel like as a artist you gotta stay on Your Path like Hail Valley is like it's GonNa be people to the right of you is going to you. To be throwing, Shit Talk Shit in it if you give them attention, it's going over to them in ages going to be throwing it and talking more to you. But it's like you gotTa Stay Your Valley grow and realize as art is a heart is wide open. So we care what people think but that ain't why you're doing if you're doing it because this is your reme- at least for me I feel like this was my life purpose is to give inspiration out the best way I could do that is to you know 'cause down to my story got on it's like a rap fairytale you know. As, a different story. I realize my whole life is since inspire motivate and the best way for me to do that as through my music. So I make songs OPTIMA harder to I'm walking in my purpose you know I'm exhausted where I feel like as an artist light we have to I. Think. For me being Lieber of the scales being. you know saying I think that I kinda have found. Wayne Yeah Me Wayne Jisi. A few of. Will Smith. Is A few. I don't absolutely May. I love. I feel I feel like. A way to balance caring because we must care. We gotTA. CARE. In order to know how to connect you dig what I'm saying if I had no empathy in where everybody else going through like for instance right now we up. So. US being. Oh. We have no impotent no consideration for the people who are not up we wouldn't able. To use that testimonies to relate we saying. But. We gotTA balance caring. Would not giving a fuck. So we got to not give a folk. GATT in net give a full. So is the balance of caring enough to relate. But. Knack given a fook. Enough. To not be affected by the year the outcome. This layered at you know not only the people that don't have good Taser I. Don't even know it though because they ain't been expose is also people say things to get a response or riser. We live in a social media air, which is a beautiful thing right because we all connected. Is a lot of ways that we all are unified their social media which do you. But also like you just gotTa, remember that some people on there for different reasons. Talking about this baby boy big boy's neighborhood not. Be, worth Marquez. He was assigned man we live in a air where people talking Abou Smash or pass or where people picking apart people's children or shit like just he was just shoot he's. Cigna me you know what I'm saying is sickening. You know the thing is dislike you just gotTa understand that people are in all university they all world and that is that yeah, you gotTa Care but you also gotta not give a fuck are let it throw you off because at that.

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