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Do like thirty five forty five minutes Max. Well today I'm solo on that ASS for the weekend. Wrap up but let's see what we got. We got fan questions. We got jackass up the week. Carney west is now a billionaire. It's been hot as fuck outside in. La Idiots are still going out to the beach and not social distancing and is Kim Jong UN dead or alive I forgot to mention. I am your host Ben. Baller Not Ben Humble some of you may know me as the forrest Gump of hip hop and from my behavior the rage and my short temper from that alone some you may understand why they call me the Queen Liam Niessen Ma boy chasing cash said yesterday Ben. Bala has lived four lives in dabbled in every culture but British and Irish will hold on. Bro The British part. I don't know man you know what I'm saying. I came close. Like what you but for. Real was good. Everybody you guys still scared by now. I think some of you who need to be shook are but you're also taking the right precautions and safety measures. I did a poll was like two or three days ago on Like I did a poll for the country. Usa Right said WHO would would go out to a restaurant to sit down and eat our would go to a movie theater inside the next sixty days. Closer open meaning like the government could open in the next sixty days. So that's until like Damyean. June I said. Would you sit down and eat at a restaurant? You know like a cheesecake factory. Something like that or go to motherfucking. Amc movie theater. Fifteen thousand people voted in eighty seven percent. Said no I that works for me. You know I know what I'm GONNA do. And I'm going to operate the same way into at least eighty percent of America has had a cove in nineteen tests or covert nineteen antibody test. So that's almost three hundred million motherfucking people in. I'm cool keep hustling keep doing what thing once it all happens Move around a little bit inside the country you know New York Chicago Seattle Obviously San Francisco which come in thinking about a lot lately but internationally especially Asia. That's going to have to wait a year. So you know look man. Shit is not over at all whether whether or not Kelly or New York City and you know. The major metropolitan areas opened up the economy. That shit don't mean just because the economy's open don't mean shit like people really think okay well. They misinterpret back to work in work. No motherfucker Shit Is Different K. Should is still lingering that viruses out there lingering for sure and I want motherfucking time to slow down because went flu season hits in the late in the fucking holiday season again onto really curious to see how holidays are going to be. Everyone thinks it's bad. Now you know like twenty six thousand people are asking for. You're looking for jobs and Shit. That's nothing is going to be another. It's going to be sixty because it's just like It's going to be weird. Starting to see a lot. Plexiglas walls go up to places and stuff and restaurants are GonNa Start implementing the plexiglas. I don't know man it's really fucking insane How's it hit Home Depot today or go to Costco either one is going to go to Costco or home depot and I called them and nobody picked up crazy. Nobody picked up at all. It rang twenty times a call twice and I wanted to get some paper towels right. So if you guys know anyway. Paper towels on the L. A. Area. I mean it's not that deep right I mean. I think we're good for about another three to four weeks but I WANNA get some fucking paper towels and Especially since you don't my housekeepers movie climb back. Probably in the next week or so and by the way my housekeeper is only allowed to enter our home with the long sleeve shirts that I provide them ranks. It's getting hot They're going to have slides that I provide them on disinfect. The movie daffy leave with booties and obviously gloves and ninety five masks which will be providing as well but yeah you know back to the paper towels. She does really crazy. I Know Amazon is fucking. They have to be directly connected to bounty or fucking a Kleenex Part. Paper towels and show. This is stupid as fuck their enormous fucking gigantic company. How fuck you got? No paper towels a ship out like for real The state of Georgia has opened up this weekend and a lot of their businesses one beings while a lot of their types of businesses from movie theaters bowling alleys barbershops booties lawns and stuff and so on so far look man. Ain't nobody watching a fucking movie. No matter how fucking hot it gets in Atlanta whatever. No one's going no motherfucking movie theater. I THE BOWLING ALLEY IS DEAD K. They interviewed these fucking to rednecks. Ins Barbershop and the Barbara's why we gotta do what we gotta do. Board icon. We're still governor. Would just listen to our president in health officials on keeping these types of businesses closed these enormous central businesses and These mother fuckers are wearing surgical masks and shit and I don't know they're at least aware and surgical masks there waiting for customer to walk in to get a haircut. I ain't got to worry about that type of shit because I just shaved my head bald head. I I get. The straight razor had the CRIB and shave my shit clean right but peep game. I've had tigers hair. Guy Who fixed his hairline and tiger. I ran in. Oh eight his hair on fucked up unless I was always wearing a hat eight and really see him without a hat on and he fixed his shit on the lovell. Bright and toy lanes even thanked him. Like crazy always sixteenth for free. Because you changed. My life changed her line. And I've been kind of going back and forth about it right. I talked about it on several trips that we've gone on. He gave me to contact. I talked to the doctor I gave contact. Paul yes Paul. Ba- whiskey Kyw's Godfather and Paul's going to do it 'cause like fuck that some people are sensitive inaudible corrupt the shaved bald head. I mean I like it right but again I I don't know if I'm ready to spend money on haircuts and hair products again and get palm aid and is Shit and everything. This fucking hassle. You know it's a bit just shaved my own hair. You know Like two to three days a week and I'm saying like every two three days I shaved my head. I can't imagine having a weight at a fucking barbershop again. Like you know I mean having a personal barbara ends up being what to fifty three hundred cut and then you know I guess that works out but then it's just like even if I got a billion dollars that's just what I've got a billion I'd be a different story but it's just have that fake talk with the barber and then the people just in there and just I just feel like you're ready for a lake right there to always had my gun out ready to go crazy. I just know I'm good. I don't know yet. We'll see my friend Bella Harris. She's a daughter of music. Super Legend super producer super. Just mogul like historical music person. Jimmy Jam she took an antibody test and found out she had the novel Krona Virus. She doesn't know when she had her when she was. Actually you know sick and had the krona viruses Copeland nineteen but she remembered being sick last month in March and having symptoms sometime in mid March and stuff and Bella told me she hit me up I was like hey you know what a real stories and everything and I don't know you're the first person ever I knew talking about in so many people say that right in ways she never got tested. You know what I'm saying. So she was like fucking peninsula she does take antibody test and out of six people living our house Two of them had show positive for antibodies. Meaning they had it. Her twin brother is sort of high risk because he has diabetes but anyway this is crazy. She hit me up. She's thinking about anyways. Bella is a church. She was going to be a guest on my show. 'cause she's a model right and she's very pretty right does Byu. She's actually beautiful. She's half black half Latina. She's five foot ten and she's like just while she was really really pretty. Rich comes from a great family. She's really cool check. She hasn't snobby at all just got a great personality. Most girls with her status can be such like such just man. It's only ten minutes show fucking asset. She most girls status can be cuts all right but check out her page. Bella okay at Bella be Harris By the way you know what's weird. I download this APP called House Party. In how the fuck this thing worked and I really anybody. I keep seeing these modifications at our on on. My wife is on there. And My brother-in-law mother people family and Shit. But I didn't really antibody in a decide to add my friend Charlotte Lawrence. Who was another celebrity girl? Who had coping nineteen? She's one of the first person to announce it and Charlotte is like you know cute also again. Another tall five nine five ten beautiful. She's why different but just sweet girl and she was only person I added. I had no idea. And I keep getting this pop up. These pop notifications aren't really get notifications on my phone at all period. My phone is the most minimal everything and sidebar. We gotta go to the fucking screen time thing which is driving crazy. We'll talk about that now that it's on my mind but it said. Charlotte is in the house boom. Whatever I don't know what happened. I clicked on the thing and I knew a lot of you. I was watching motherfucking porn. Hub and I. It was fucking dark as room. Click on the thing. Thank God I pushed fucking paused then mute on my computer shut the fucking screen down and I jump into chat with Charlotte in fuck and five of her friends. Who I don't know none of them and they're like Oh my God is that really well. That's been baller a Ham. Big Fan ers boom boom boom. I didn't know what to do. So they're all smoking weed on fucking Cameron Shits I walk into other room Grad of ESPN. Smoke and I was like all right. Cia Amana see later. Had No idea that she works as sheet does tricky. You Fuck Click on. Somebody's think may not be ready. Boom you win their facetime. The whole shit Sidebar screen time on apple on every Sunday at shows you screen time iced average four hours in like ten minutes on a bad week. Five hours a day motherfucker. I'm at ten hours in nineteen minutes a day which is fucking crazy because I sleep for six so God damn that's really bats just during the pandemic anyways. Let me ask you guys right. I not have a couple older cats on here but I know that my audience is a lot younger than than most. So let me do you guys even give a fuck about Kim Jong UN right. How many motherfuckers even know who that is? K- how many of you even know the actual history of his family in that whole serious severe notorious background for real book. Regardless is he. Did I look at this point? He's either dead or fucked up for sure right to sue obviously real people who got real insight inside information as well to like look you think the CCP is bad in. Especially I tell you fucked up. It is North Korea. Beats them by a ZILLION percent easy? I was crazy is my biological. Father knew his grandfather in his dad. His Kim Jong UN's grandfather kim-il-sung was one of the most powerful leaders of North Korean history. And he is a fucking legend for the people like it or not just like Saddam. Hussein was legend students at legend. Right when my dad used to visit? Pyongyang often and I know for many years decades. My Dad went at least once or twice a year to show. You know. That's a whole different of discussion will have at another time because we had talked about. How the fuck you got into the country or anything else. But he would visit Kimmel song and I have a picture somewhere in my archives. We're talk about that later in the show about how I organize my photos APP. But he would visit Kimmel song and There's a picture of him standing on a stage next to Kim Il Song and next to his. My Dad is Kimmel saw on the other end. Is Kim Jong Il? Who's another ill motherfucker? Right and a few other North Korean leaders and also uncle was in that lineup On my Dad's side again on a stage in Pyongyang North Korea. She crazies is nuts. I remember Sean People. That picture like an old four amp cream people like whoa people people who understand what time it is when I say that if you know okay if you're over the age thirty eight or forty you would know in your Korean. You would know that. Probably forty percent of the people that are here in America that over forty years age right at least at guarantee at least forty percent have some family member that got stuck in North Korea. My Dad always wanted to visit North Korean. Visit my grandma but I was too scared..

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