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Would it would just be you know Amazing film from merely eight teams with these crazy group people. But i think he's the creator you have to is always gonna be the third wall not doesn't name that it's not you know fantastic. Nissan ride totally agreed. And also about those street films. You should totally play that. Graham chapman clip. I have to admit that sometime before this movie was made. I was given a copy of the script to read in case i was interested in writing some additional material for it. I read it and thought that apart from a couple of really rather good speeches. There's very little of interest in it for me. The characters seemed dull and stereotype and the plot used as a thread on which to hang overdrawn character portraits. Each character being used to represent a comment about citation the union official. The policemen the militant extremist. The boys who are middleman et cetera comment expressed with the kind of heavy handed. This one would expect at a political parties. Christmas pantomime but i was wrong. Not to take into account. The director lindsay anderson has almost completely turned piece of adolescent political fervor into an interesting and sometimes very funny perry all the characters are self seeking unfortunately true to life this and even the professor of surgery played by the brilliant graham crowding who has a way of saving the world by increasing its brain. Pa is more prepared to kill to achieve his aims. When you watch this tape just listen. To the speech he makes three quietens down the writing rebel at this hospital of life. A more subtle script with a more oblique approach might have preached less to the converted. But i couldn't have wanted better or more exciting direction. So this movie which disappointing few people saw when it was released in britain but which is rapidly on its way to becoming a coke. Movie in the states is a well worthwhile video. All right guys. We're gonna take another break and play a preview for next week show to a delightful weekend the comfy. You are cordially. Invite to spend a carefree weekend in the english countries in the warm sunshine regarding holiday by mistake and enjoy the rustic pleasure of country. Living the be so cold here wants to get down there and have sex with those cows take a five riot who heads around and then had a few ales lunch at a charming the finest wise available to humanity. Want them here we want. Try to nyse with cheery locals experience culinary die you would agree something Club about a firm young fish in the region's tree sent me that fish. A trip worth taking absolute that's.

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