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Right. Just have the Tom Davis diaries because Tom Davis lives matter. And I don't know what's going on with Tom lately moved. You know what? Let's go ahead and catch up with second. I call the With that man reading from his diary. The aforementioned Tom Davis. How you been, man, you know? Yes, I'm okay. I've been better today is another one of my daughters dance recitals. I don't have you ever been to one of these today? Oh, yeah, at noon. If you've never been imagining 60 girls bouncing around, not knowing what they're doing, and then two other little boys who don't know they're gay, yet also bouncing around not knowing what they're doing. It's like a little kid's soccer kind of only with with worst costumes. All right, so go ahead. Go ahead, Tom. What we got here. This week. Get going isn't for everybody. But first remember when flight was an exclusive activity of the wealthy and privilege. I think that you think it's the great unwashed have now become accustomed to taking advantage of its modern miracle and playing their little more than airworthy. Greyhound Busses Case in point More on a JetBlue flight Asked for a blanket, the staff was happy to help him out and had it handed him in flight fluff. Showed his appreciation. He proceeded to blow his nose in it. It wasn't just it first thing. It was also expensive. He was fined by the F A. A $10,000 very frantic mother rushed her 10 month old son to the hospital because of a gruesome discovery. Becky Styles noticed that deep, dark hole informed on the roof of her son's mouth. Doctors got him in quickly discover that the black hole was actually a black sticker. They peeled it off and send him home. A lady in Florida who likes to gamble but doesn't like to lose has been arrested at Del Bello's. They're lost $380 in slot machines at the Seminole Hard. Rocco challenges Chino. She walked to her car and called in a bomb French. The call was traced use quickly, and she quickly demented. Do it telling Officer she quote has anger issues. And finally, we all approach the subject of death a little differently. My real Alonso believes that planning ahead. It's key so much so She's practicing her funeral. She recently had awake where she was lying down and an open casket for hours by her friends, family and neighbors, all.

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