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Read the accounts from the Portuguese papers and there is no question that this was not Marissa stereo you can't have people there were even some scientists who came very soon well this is budget baloney you can't have that many people harden journalist not seeing something that's valid now what actually took place what is that the state referred to the fun as dancing and spinning managing Kohler and the fact that it is assumed some extremely beautiful soft homes one of the papers speaks about late coming through the stained glass window of a cathedral so it had a heavenly connotation like a prism or something well actually if you could you could look at the sun see that's another thing under normal circumstances you can't look at this now you bring your eyeballs out exactly one sure right now what people were able to look at it and see how it moved in a circular way and seem to dance and that's the word that crops up in all of those newspaper accounts the sun dance so the fact that you have this totally this heavenly visitation you have these so this miracle witnessed by all these people to this day people don't pay much attention to know that if they don't they don't now did that miracle make believers a lot of the law enforcement folks at that time well natively the little kid full actually the one who provoked trivia impressive what was the local mayor I don't know the rules were those good effective selection exactly exactly and of course one of the one of the kids ended up being the sister sister Lucy Hale who passed away several years ago it she carried these incredible stories whether for her entire life didn't she yes this dramatic no incidently people say well why is it zero the virgin Mary appeared to three little kids you'll find when you go back and the article history angels performer to appear and work with those they view as in a yes acts absolutely right they're not comfortable with adults they so it's it's a ball it seems sort of strange that they would medicate with these little children that's a consistent thing that have they were pure exactly that's the whole point and they feel comfortable with them where as you see a heavenly creatures are spirit not really our body and if you're an adult your your spirit is to some degree tainted by living in the modern world children or unspoiled and I'm treated to a an angel or wrote to the virgin America social Richard what did the virgin Mary tell the children that would lead you to believe that there's some tie in there with the apocalypse the Armageddon the third World War well for your information that we're given and the book of revelations is that one of the really key pieces of information is that there would be protracted violence along the Euphrates river in the four nations and this would go on for a very long time the four nations of course or Kuwait Iran Iraq and Syria and that's happening stay with us Richard will take a break we'll come back and pick it up right there at that spot Richard Austin with us his latest work of course is called China the grand illusion that to save the world his previous books include a fancy Wall Street man of a brief season but the coming of the Armageddon that's.

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