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Cadillac of Naperville sits in the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade Live in the showroom visit Cadillac of Naperville today. In north like the mobile it Lincoln Wolf as gas for 209 in dairy in the speedway at Lamont in Plainfield as it for 2 13. If you see a great gas price, give us a call. Here's the number 312409 g A S s that 3124094277. It's 7 38 traffic and weather together on the gates. Here's Mike. Alison, We're going to start up with the Eisenhower. We're inbound. Your heavy from route 83 2 Before York. This is because of a crash and Elaine. And if that's not bad enough, you're also slow from racing to the Jane Byrne interchange. It'll be 38 minutes from route 3 92 downtown. Just 18 minutes if you're coming in from Mannheim Looking the outbound side You're clear. Just 29 minutes out to route 3 90 back to the evens. You're clear in either direction. 19 minutes between late Cook and the Kennedy Junction the outbound Kennedy also in the clear, Just 20 minutes to make it to O'Hare. I mean inbound side A little slow from Randolph to the Jane Byrne Interchange. That'll make it 22 minutes from O'Hare to downtown again. Outbound Eisenhower in the clear but inbound heavy from route 83 days before York because of a crash 38 minutes route 3 92 downtown. The Stevenson is clear in either direction, just 30 minutes. Between 3 55 and Lakeshore Drive. I 55 clear North bound and south on, but you are down to just one lane between River Road and Arsenal due to construction on the outbound Dan Ryan, you're still from the Jane Byrne interchange to pass Roosevelt. It'll be 17 minutes out on the inbound side. You're still from Cermak to before the interchange, making it just 19 minutes in 57 is in the clear, as is the outbound Ford On the inbound side. You're heavy passively to pass the steel bridge this because of a rollover crash on the right shoulder. They should drive South bound. Slow approaching the Chicago River North found heavy from Belle Bow to the Chicago River. No delays on any of the area to always in northwest Indiana is in the clear next traffic report at 7 48 NewsRadio, 7 81 of 5.9 FM wbbm Exigent Thank you. But the forecast for clear skies tonight is gonna be cold, those ranging from 20 across some suburbs to 28 at the lakefront. Some son early tomorrow, then turning out Mostly cloudy and breezy with a couple of showers.

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