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More wildfires, staffing and resource is for Red Flag Warning. Day's other local fire district say they're making targeted changes this year, too, for better response. Fast moving brushfire sparked a bigger fire at an auto wrecking yard yesterday afternoon on Puyallup, South Hill crew's focused on protecting nearby homes. But part of the fire ended up burning several motorhomes semis and Busses. Captain Darren shot with Central Piers Fire and Rescue says it was a difficult fire to fight once tires and automobiles catch on fire. It's very difficult because of the makeup of the vehicles, you know, tires, gasoline oil diesel, So those are highly flammable fuels. Their crews used thousands of gallons of water to fight the fire. And now the biggest concern is run off of oil. The Department of Ecology has had been called in to help. Seattle Police are on the hunt for a gunman who shot and killed a homeless man. Early yesterday morning, It happened at an encampment in the Ravenna neighborhood, and we learned more from Kemal's Cara costume. It's just beyond revenge is beautiful. Cowen Park is a small green space known as OGA Park. It's been filled with the homeless and Kallen for more than a year. Camper was shot and killed. It's so saddening and terrifying to think that someone lost their life. Theresa Barker is the organizer of the Ravenna Cowan Community Alliance. Barker has been leading the neighborhood homeless issues here since 2017. We would like to see happen. This entire community be able to move together into one of the protected supported shelters. Darker points to Rosie's Village, a tiny house community that will be opening nearby into witnesses told police. The homeless man had left his tent to speak with the suspected shooter. When the gunfire was heard public schools across the state now have seven months to change their school mascots and team names. If they use Native American names or imagery, there's a new state law prohibiting their use, but some districts hope to keep them and co most Carlene John Son explains High school junior at North Central High in Spokane named Ivy Pete work with state lawmakers to draft the legislation banning the use of Native American mascots and imagery. I do not look like the mannequin in the case, but that does not make me any less indigenous. But some argue the use of those native names and symbols should stay out of respect. Mike and High School home of the Braves and Kennewick is named after chief comic and a leader of the Yakama pollutes and click attacked native people in the mid 18 hundreds. The high school name doesn't have to be changed under the new law, but they couldn't be the Braves anymore unless they get permission from the Confederated tribes of the recommendation. The Tri City Herald reports. They're putting together a presentation to show how Native American history and culture are part of the district's curriculum. They also hope to keep the Thunderbirds name and logo for Legacy High school. Carleen Johnson. Come on, you busy holiday weekend across the Seattle area as tourists packed popular spots in the city more than 100,000 people travel through Sea Tac Airport over the holiday weekend. It is busier once you get in the airport now Perry Cooper with the poor to Seattle, telling people that change the recent habits may be the last time they came was potentially When there was a lot less traffic here, and it seemed awful easy or getting through checkpoints in three or four minutes. It's a sign of just how bustling.

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