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Two thousand eight hundred eleven three twenty from those last year, so Braun Amish should go. Oh, well, I'm Bo hostels my phone or one both hostile California born youngster. He's already going very close to getting off the Mark and the US toy lost a playoff to impulsive for the Houston Open in April. I think you're on hostile at that. We weren't you. Bruce. Pulpy in a player in Houston. Then hostile tied second in the travelers championship a few weeks later. So he's got to run out finishes already twenty Twenty-three great passer. So again, you can reach the super low total which will be needed to win this week and finished twentieth. Hundred debuted their last year. Okay. That's it. But it's anything else you want to mention on this tournament guys. Steve. Well, we'll just tell the points because of other Cutler of emails from redesign one another points because obviously this is going in before the paper, Charles our two point five points each way, Aaron wise, two points each way, Brian Harman one point each way impo- hostile one point each way. I think I think giving away too much further these things are free. There's people paying two nine C for this tomorrow for all these extra stats in goodies and stakes anyway, it's done there. Only top twenty s or match basil tops in alight. And I'm happy to it's it's usually like a heavily involved. But this year, I just I couldn't really find it in a really stuck with me. And I'm not gonna put up for the sake of it. I was so they seem to have changed the closing host. You remember they used to have those holes those par threes was one cliffs on those goats with really curly massive great horns is that. You remember that? Of course, a canal wasn't there. Yes. It's very cool to just come in in two thousand sixteen. It was a way for twenty nine years before that shows the famous ship from off the rocks as well on the way to win. And I think that was the first year it was back. Yes. So this Steve if you win the money, and they should venture coming to this next shoe me to Palm Springs. Would you be allowed Nikola let year I think she would. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's not allowed young children. Well, actually, does your mommy before we go one question on didn't get to read out someone said, which of the European tour events would you most like to attend in which one's yours or has to be Chrysler Sierra in the mountains. It's going to Disney. They're going to be you know, turn to to that Steve. Well, I think the Saudi international and every school than you. It's coming up. Why I mean just? Also play Saudi big big on that you head down. Yes. Okay. Thank you chaps. Great great stuff. We're back next week. What we going next way says it somewhere in the running. That's a classic virus insurance to get on the phones insurance. Did I hear you signs that beautiful, Tori point return of Tiger Woods, probably antastic? Excellent stuff. We can plans in. Half either bat each morning. I'm trading this event in Abu Dhabi. So it's early starts from there to Saturday. A new stick him. They'll dry genuine Miami. That's another good excuse. Oh, birdie all weekend. So yeah. No, no chance for you to get a beer in so doing both. Yeah. It's going well, isn't it unsafe? A you throwing January ING. Ongoing life plan in at the moment. I'm going to build a new office Mugare because obviously when targets, but when he's going to be coming into my office is new bedroom. So outdoor polled. I'm getting an outdoor shed. Really? There's no there's no getting away from me is a shed. Isn't it? It's no of Yuping these places you can get these fantastic outdoor working areas. Now, they're not sheds a toll might go coup pods. Yeah. They got heating. Now, honestly, Steve listen to me. This is this linked to some web research on this because this could change I actually think outside area just few with do you a lot of good as.

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