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Nsf or any of those organizations uscc pick them could get their head out of their ass to figure out guys like you're impart my french but Could get get their act together. A little bit to see that guys like you could add value to the conversation within the industry and i'm talking about at a thousand feet right now. Getting to the greater issue of course is a whole separate thing but you would think you could rely on your own industry to amplify your thing and you can't unfortunately and this is you know as much as i try to keep it away from being a political issue it is partly political and then when you start talking about mandates and political Some people get hesitant to to be involved with it. Well the problem is right now. Brennan in the and and again i. I'm coming off a little bit of a bad mood the other day. So i'm gonna. I'm gonna i'm gonna pray you have so many loppers coming into even the republican side of the party right now. There's people running and district's they ain't gonna win. There's people running just for for social media. Clout there's people jumping on the maga- trained jumping on this and i think that that's great but the problem is who can you trust. That's going to support you. Help you move your message forward like you said you get calls from political people. Are they trying to capitalize on. Just your clout. You see where i'm going with this. There's a lot of that and you're right. I definitely you know people seeing how large the moving is grown and people of course want to be a part of that will give their name attention. But i'll be. I'm paying very close attention to that personally and who is actually reaching out to me and like listen. This is the cause. I'm going after here. You know it's more black and white no more gains straight. No more republican democrat americans and americans to have the freedom to choose so you need to be in line with you know my message here..

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