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This is an explosion of this team really needed the way the struggle the last couple of days against Santana and bizarre Marlon Byrd with a home run number six and the four runs batted in give them fifty one on the season this is third career grand slams first and so forth still one out is Jason Botts who spends around a hit from the right side but stakes the kitchen there for strike one fifth grand slam of the season for the Rangers the short porch or not that ball was crushed that **** is downstairs in the twenty one three hundred eighty four feet they say for Marlon Byrd's grand slam tickets checks going to go yes you did this is Bob Davis in the first base umpire bond to the one ball two strike count changes two for three with two singles and a strikeout first ones is the one to just got caught the outside corner called strike three in little bit of a delayed call by Rick green there's out number two strike out for burgers two outs nobody on it is ten three.

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